I am not feeling too good

Too many things happened in a short time.  I guess it took a toll on my health.  I have been having low blood pressure and dizziness.  The dizziness comes and goes.  But each time I am dizzy, I am disorientated and blur.  I made mistakes, bump into furnitures, walked like crab and my mind is so messy.  It's been 2 weeks since I am like that.  Now I am getting worried that it might be something else that trigger the low blood pressure as I was fine all the while.

My swadisthan, nabhi, heart and agnya is caught up.  I need to get back to discipline and get back into my Sahaj routine.  It's been weeks since I meditated properly.  So, now I am keeping record of what I am doing to recover from this.  If I have recovered from GERD and plantar faciistis, I am sure I will recover from this soon.

Tonight I did the 108 names of Shri Durga Mata because I could feel my left and right heart chakra very caught up.  After I did candling for the left side, I foot soaked and recited the 108 names.  Then meditated for 10-15 minutes.  Attention was not easy to be at Sahasrara.  So many thoughts.  Either a lot of thoughts or doze off to sleep.  But manage to be in thoughtless for very short time.  Hope to improve soon.

Now doing ice packing and will sleep.  Need to get up early and have good clearing and meditation before heading to work.  Will keep writing to see what's my progress.

Shri Mataji, I surrender to You.