Happy New Year 2022!!! LTSVP, work endorsement, Residence Pass

Hi everyone!  Long time didn't write.  Ok let's get to the point. Back in November 2021, I made appointment to renew my husband's work endorsement, which was then expiring in December 2021.  So as per previous years, I made the appointment close to the expiry date. As his LTSVP was also expiring in Jan 2022, I just filled up all the necessary forms to apply together, just like previous years.  Bear in mind, he has been in Malaysia since 2012. However, the appointment was so full that I manage to make the appointment few days after the expiry date of the work endorsement, which I believed should be fine. On the appointment day, as usual we stopped at the Court first which is just about 20 minutes walk from JIM in order to get the Commissioner of Oath certification on the marriage status.   But come to think of it, there is now a Commissioner of Oath on the 2nd floor of JIM Putrajaya.  So, you don't really have to walk to the Court. After we have done at the Court, we wen

An update! A true Raksha Bandhan...

Hello!  I haven't written for many months.  Main reason is because we are back to lockdown and this time very harsh.  The kids haven't been out for 3 months and more.  Schools are closed and no sign of covid numbers decreasing.   I have been so busy with work and online school for the little girl. What happened to Sahaj Kindy?  I would love to continue but because of the uncertainty of covid and her kindergarten had online classes now and she is learning, so we just let it be for now. But lots of Sahaj activities for the kids has been happening, all done during lockdown and feel so much of fun and joy just organising and coordinating.   This year, we had the first virtual Raksha Bandhan for kids and adults.  The vibrations were fantastic just doing it.  So much of joy and love. Being someone who was not brought up celebrating Raksha Bandhan as a child, I was amazed at how beautiful the ceremony was when I was introduced to it when I came to Sahaja Yoga.   Being the eldest in th

Sahaj Homeschool 2021 for 5 years old - Academic

Disclaimer:  I am not a teacher but merely a full-time working mom.  If you would like to share this page, please credit to this blog.  Thanks! Oops, I forgot a post this Monday.  Here in Malaysia, some of us started going back to office and kids back to school.  I have yet to send my little girl yet as I am still not comfortable with the numbers of Covid cases. Reading Eggs While looking for a good website for academic resources last year, when we were all in locked down and I was feeling exhausted from the so-called online classes done by the kindergarten, I stumbled upon this program called, " Reading Eggs ". This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid by them.   Reading Eggs is an Australian program that focus on reading and Maths.  It is an interactive program that in a website and also an app. What I really love about this program is how my little girl enjoy it so much and has improved immensely from just learning alphabets to reading story books now. This is not a f

Sahaj Homeschool 2021 for 5 years old - Sahaj Knowledge

Disclaimer:  I am not a teacher but just a full-time working mom.  If you would like to use materials from this blog, please do credit it to the authors and this blog.  Thank you! Jai Shri Mataji! As mentioned in the earlier post, we wanted a homeschool method that is balance.  Not too academic based and must have some fun factor and not forgetting Sahaj knowledge. For Sahaj knowledge, I used this book called, "Sahaj Children's Colouring Book" by Sarita Keetley.  You can download the book here  but with permission I think. This book has beautiful illustrations for kids to do colouring, from chakra to chakra.   Recently, there is a Sahaj brother, Rafael Sol who created this book called, "My Journey With The Chakras"   a book with simple explanation on the chakras.  You can also download this book in the link given. As for videos, you can check out Mother's Love website .  These group of yogis from Borotin school have created this website and the contents.  Th

Sahaj Homeschool 2021 for 5 years old - Daily Timetable

Disclaimer: I am not a teacher but just a full-time working mom.  If you would like to use the materials in this blog, please do credit to the authors and this blog.  Thanks! Jai Shri Mataji! I was looking for a suitable timetable for Miss A to start our homeschooling program and found one online that suits us.  I modified it and here it is: 8.00am - Wake up, brush teeth, meditation (2 mins), breakfast 9.00am - Sun time (cycling, walking in the neighbourhood), bath 10.00am - Sahaj Knowledge 10.15am - English 10.30am - Phonics 10.45am - Maths 11.00am - Science 11.15am - Malay 11.30am - Mandarin 11.45am - Music / Art / Dance 12pm - End Everyday, her actual academic session is between 10am to 12pm and every subject gets 15 minutes only.  You can adjust for longer time and modified according to your child.  As Miss A sometimes wakes up at 9am, we cram everything in 1 hour before we start school proper.  If she wakes up earlier, then we will do things leisurely. Every morning after breakfas

Sahaj Homeschool - Start young

Disclaimer:  I am not a teacher but just a full-time working mom.  Every week from 9 Feb 2021, I will be posting about Sahaj Homeschool.  If you would like to copy and paste from this blog, please credit to this blog and the author.  Thank you! Jai Shri Mataji! To us as a Sahaj family, Sahaj has been the building blocks and foundation for our spiritual growth.  Having practise Sahaja Yoga for many years, when we had Miss A, our little girl, we want nothing but Shri Mataji's teachings and guidance for her.  We want her to inculcate Sahaj culture in her.  So, we started her as soon as she was born.  We started oil massaging her every night when she was about 3 months old.   In the earlier years, there was not so much on Sahaj education as it was mostly play and have fun.  When she was 2 years old, I made her a Sahaj Busybook.  You can read the details here .  Though she is still keeping the Sahaj Busybook (though not as beautiful as before), she can now recognise the deities in the b

Sahaj Homeschool - Introduction

Disclaimer:  I am not a teacher but just a full-time working mother.  If you want to share this post, please credit to this blog. Jai Shri Mataji Sahaj parents.  I have decided to post topics about Sahaj homeschool for 5 years old once a week.   How our homeschooling journey started?  I have always desire that my little girl get to attend a Sahaj school.  In fact, I have thought of sending her to ISPS or maybe the Devi School in Canada later.  She is at the age who can attend Borotin school or Cabella school  But due to our tight finances, we are unable to send her to Sahaj schools. In fact, last year we registered her in a local, traditional setup kindergarten nearby with affordable fees.  I am not very keen with the kindergarten because I don't like the style of education where they force the kids to memorize and do as the teacher told and hamper their creativity in their thinking.  But since the vibrations was cooler compared to other Montessori kindergartens, let's trust th