The Protection of Sahaja Yogis

If you are a Sahaja Yogini, then at the time of crisis, you should become thoughtless. That’s one of the signs. I have seen with Myself, if there is any crisis in the family, I just become thoughtless. That means what? That God takes you in, your problems. He puts His hand, He puts His protection and He takes you out of it and makes you absolutely thoughtless. And in that thoughtless awareness you discover what is right, what is wrong. So even in  crisis, this thoughtless awareness is all the time extremely alert. It becomes much more alert than normal. That’s the sign of a Sahaja Yogi and the sign of Sahaja Yogini … In wisdom you understand that all the Deities are just with you. And whatever happens to you, they are before you. Nobody can harm you. Nobody can touch you. You are so protected. Lotuses are not protected. You are so protected that if anybody tries to harm you, immediately there is protection. Also your own protection is there, as I said, that you jump into thoughtless awareness.
Shri Mataji, Diwali Puja, 1991