Learn and let go

To fall down, scrape your knees and then stand up and tell yourself never to fall down again and be careful when you walk.  Some lessons are learn the hard way.

Part of growing up is to learn from your mistake and then let go.  But I find it really hard to let go.  It's my ego that is holding on.  For me, I will try my very best to be careful and not repeat past mistakes and also not to create an opportunity to make any mistakes because I don't like to be in sticky situations.  Sometimes it is not possible to fall down, scrape your knees, stand up and hope that it won't happen again because accidents do happen.  Sometimes although you try not to create an opportunity to make any mistakes, it will still happen.

Whatever it is, mistakes will happen.  What we need to do is to forgive so that we can let it go.  Forgive ourselves and forgive others.  I feel this is the hardest challenge as a Sahaja Yogi, for me that is.  I know by not forgiving I am also getting the consequences, like major headaches and heartache and affecting my chakras, my channels and imbalance in my life.

Why do I torture myself like this?  Why is it so hard to let go?  What good does it give to keep repeating the whole incident in my head?  Sometimes I feel like I am locked in my own mind.  The angel me and devil me will be fighting to see who will sustain the longest.  It's my choice, either to keep on thinking about the incident, to hold grudge against that person and be angry and irritated or to learn from the mistake, let it go and move on, forgive that person, forgive myself and have peace in the heart and mind.  After reading what Shri Mataji said below, I chose the latter and cool breeze are emiting from my Sahasrara right now as I am typing.

Extract from Shri Mataji's speech
“I forgive.”  This is the greatest weapon Christ has given us. You just say, “I forgive, I forgive,” and you can overcome your ego. This is the mantra for this chakra…. You’ll find your Agnya chakra will open out and you’ll find your ego will go away.

Forgiveness is one of the biggest weapons human beings have got. But they are so stupid. If I tell them to forgive – now what is there not to forgive? – they’ll say, “It’s very difficult to forgive.”

I say, “What is so difficult? What are you doing? Are you doing something when you say, ‘I am forgiving’? Do you do something? Nothing.”
On the contrary, when you do not forgive, then what is happening is the person whom you do not forgive is actually torturing you, while you are not torturing that person.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1983