A big maya is happening right now.  We need to stay together and stand united.  We don't know the outcome of things and we don't know why it has to happened.  We don't know who is the one with  ego.  Don't listen to others.  We just need to listen to only  One person and meditate and pray to the One and Only, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

How blessed we are to see this happening. It's a miracle - how things Are worked out. A new phase has started and we have a very open challenge to get people into enlightenment. People are not so ignorant now. They are very much changed, especially their attitude towards Truth. They get stuck if they think 'this' or 'that' is the truth - even if it can't be verified. Unlike humans, animals have an innate capacity to smell evil. How have animals developed this capacity? We understand many things: for instance we cook our food, animals don't, but sometimes I think we cook our brains. The way people think and try to avoid the truth with ego is amazing.
Humans Need to rise higher above ego and superego and conditioning. Watch yourself from there and ask 'why is this?', 'what is the reason for my own misunderstandings?' and 'why do I accept wrong things?' Once you see this then you can for-give others who have it is, you have risen higher than these people. Under-stand this point and then you can forgive.
For the people who are actually bad - don't worry - it is the work of the Divine Power to destroy. But watch yourself so you see your complete image and try to cleanse it. Very important. Your Mother pities those who do wrong - it's their responsibility to correct - to introspect. Real powers will come from this introspection: powers to give realization; to understand problems of your country, the world; and when you realize you need to work this out because you are the soldiers of Divine Power. With that beautiful idea, we start cleansing ourselves. You don't need to worry about 'how, what, where and when' the negativity is working out - you are a soldier. You have to just fight. There should be no obstacle - just push forward. It's only a myth that there are obstacles.
It's not easy to raise the awareness of people. It's very difficult for some people to get out of the problems of Agnya. Best is to introspect....'am I doing everything right or wrong?', 'how am I working for my betterment?' Some people are forward in Sahaja Yoga but what is the purpose - so Others see what you're doing? For example, there is this very big building. All the buildings in the nearby area may fall down because of earthquakes, but This one building won't, because it is built on very solid ground. It can't Be destroyed or distorted. Mother knows everything - finding a fault with others is interesting, but finding faults with yourself is another thing. This is the best way to improve your awareness.
The Joy of Diwali is for the world. We work for ourselves, but what are you doing for others? Only such people are useful to Sahaja Yoga. You have to first give up identification with yourself... if you are too much identified with you, what is the aim of your lives? We have to change the world. Changing yourself is one thing - but changing others is quite another.
Think of the dream I have, that we have to change everyone and Transform them. We should try all methods and all the tricks to transform those Who can be transformed. Trust yourself. Have faith in yourself. Very soon It will happen. Your anxiety should be 'how can I transform this person?' You tell one person, and another follows. At the airport, people were Holding their hands to me. I said 'what is this? These people are not Sahaja Yogis' but without knowing they held their hands to me. Instead of getting annoyed, give them a chance.
They are all fed up with all the artificial things. You'll be surprised By how many are waiting for you. Diwali cannot be celebrated with one Candle only. You need many. I ask Sahaja Yogis 'What did you?' and they say 'nothing'.
What's the sense of having realization if you feel shy to talk about it, to share it. Introspection - The light inside is there, you have to look after it. Yesterday, you saw the meteor showers. - How timely they were. The showers came to give a new experience. This is the time that even the nature knows - this is the time for a special thing.
Normally I get letters that say 'my relation is sick, or my marriage is broken'.... nonsensical problems. Those who write aren't realized souls.... they can't take care of the problem themselves, but need to write to me. Only Sahaja Yogis are your family. So I asked this lady, 'Why do you write about this cousin and that cousin?' She says 'because then they will come to Sahaja Yoga - if they're cured'. Mother doesn't want to 'advertise' like this. Why are we Sahaja Yogis? Just to cure relations? Who knows, they may be sick because of mistakes they have made.
You need to pay attention to yourself - to your ascent - with understanding and wisdom. We have come for a very special work, a very high work. Why are you asking me about your Mother, your Father? You can cure them yourself. If these relations are not Sahaja Yogis, why do you want to trouble me? All this is maddening. I'm not concerned, you shouldn't be concerned. Tell these relations they have problems because they're not in Sahaja Yoga.
I would request you to stop wasting energy on people who are not Sahaja Yogis. This is very important... as all the time their attention is on Wrong things. You must realize you belong to a very high quality spiritual of which there are very few. You must make an effort to see. This understanding is also manifesting in others.
Don't worry about things that have no value. You are a special race - You are special soldiers who have been trained. It is to be understood that You have your energy reserved for Sahaja Yoga. You should help everyone who is a Sahaja Yogi or who wants to become a Sahaja Yogi. We are one personality, one God, and the Sahaja Yogis are all the different hands. This oneness must be established.
There are some people who are active and those who are active in criticizing. This is the year of great achievements and great success. If you start doing something in a nonsensical fashion nothing will work out.
Sahaja Yoga does already have good soldiers - but we need more. You have to work out the collectivity. You can only be a Sahaja Yogi. Not a Sahaja Yogi and a Christian, or a Sahaja Yogi and a Muslim. You cannot waste yourself for The light of the Divine to spread. But don't go to extremes - some say 'Mother, we have given up our parents, etc. and still we're not right.' – such half -baked people - don't pay too much attention. These people aren't friends, nor Sahaja Yogis. Sahaja Yogi is a special character who fights for the truth.
On this Diwali day, I want to bless you all. Respect yourself and Understand your place in the movement of Sahaja Yoga. How are you working it out? Your attention should be a dynamic force working it out. If so, next year, I Know it will be different, and we will have many more lights.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Diwali Puja 1991