I love You and I will miss You

Thank you to all the Italian brothers and sisters for broadcasting live from Genoa, the Memorial Puja.  The power of internet is so amazing.  We were able to watch Shri Mataji from all over the world.  Thank you for allowing us to pay our last respects to Shri Mataji.

Tribute to Shri Mataji
Shri Mataji, I don't think I have thank You enough for everything You have given me.  Thank You for picking me up and taking me into Your care.  Your love and compassion will forever be remembered in my heart.  We will continue to spread Your love and Your message. 

For the past few days, my heart have been very heavy.  You know that we will be sad and grieving, so You let us feel the beautiful vibrations surrounding us.  I know You will forever be with us.  But I still can't help but miss Your physical form, Your radiant and beautiful face and Your charming smile. I guess I have grown attached to Your physical form.  Please forgive me.

Although You have never spoken to me personally, but I feel You have known me forever.  Thank You for making me a Sahaja Yogi.  Thank You for protecting me and blessing me.  There were times when it was tough, but You guided me and took me out of darkness.

Shri Mataji, I know You will be watching us wherever You are.  You will forever be with us.  I know the heavens above are welcoming You back, but Your children on earth will miss you very much.  We know that You have much greater work to do and the time has come.  But as human being, we still feel that time is very short and want You near us all the time.  Forgive us for our ignorance and selfishness.  Forgive us for our immaturities. 

Shri Mataji, with a heavy heart and teary eyes, I bid Your Sakar form goodbye.  I want to say that You have taught me many things about life, You have change me a lot and I love You very, very much.  Thank You for giving me a good husband.  Thank You for every single thing that You have created for me.  Thank You for all the miracles.  Thank You for Your love.

Till we meet again.

I love You very much and will miss You tremendously.