A short update...

As you have noticed, I have not been updating on my liver diet.  The liver diet has been broken off way too many times and I have lost count how many days I have not kept to the diet.  There's just too many farewell lunches/teas (for only one colleague) and eating all kinds of things.  I will still keep to it as much as possible but won't be updating daily one what I am eating.  

On Sunday, I went for an ATV adventure at Kg.Kemensah.  It was the first time that I have attempted on such daring thing.  It was really fun but also very scary.  Definitely gave my heart, my right thumb and my arms a good workout.  Just to summarise the whole adventure in a few words, 'A must-do once in a lifetime.'  Yup, I am not going to do it again.

Started packing for my Cabella trip.  Because of the limited kgs (only 15kg), I have to really limit a lot of stuff.  Since it's going to be cold in Cabella, I have to pack some warm clothes and that increase the kgs.  Am having mixed feelings about this trip.  Excited and anxious.  Still waiting for my leave to be approved, it shouldn't be long and both my managers are aware of my leave, so shouldn't be a problem.

Been really busy at work lately.  Since my colleague is leaving, I am taking over her job scope.  There's so many things to learn in these 2 weeks.  I am glad that there's work to do rather than sit in the office the whole day, so not complaining.  Just hope that I can finish all this work before my trip.

Another 16 days to go.