Jet lag

Whenever I traveled overseas, I always have a problem with jet lag.  I guess my body is too condition with time and not able to adjust quickly to the different time zones.

When I first arrived in Cabella in 2001, I will wake up at 3am (Cabella time) and was wondering why.  Then I realised that Malaysian time was 6 hours ahead of Cabella and it was 9am, so it was the normal time to wake up.  I was seriously amused with how my body works.

When I went to US in 2005 I was very hungry at midnight and would make myself some Maggi instant noodles.  That's because Malaysia is 12 hours ahead of US and it was lunch time in Malaysia.

People say that it's not so bad when you travel to the east compare to traveling back to the west.  But it's still affects me quite a bit, lesser when I travel to the east and more when I come back to Malaysia.

Whenever I come back to Malaysia I will usually sleep and sleep as the body tries to adjust back to the time.  On the flight back to Malaysia from Cabella, I was sleeping the whole flight through and didn't eat at all.  After the US trip, I slept for almost 24 hours straight and had jet lag for a week.  I will be nodding off at work and could hardly open my eyes.

This time I am going to go to 2 places with different time zones.  London is 7 hours behind Malaysia while Cabella is 6.  Although the one hour different won't make much a difference and I will only be spending a night in London, so hopefully I will be able to cope.

I really hope this time the jet lag will not affect me that much.