Sahaj Music

I have never written in my blog about my personal experience with Sahaj Music.  

Lat started teaching us Sahaj Music in early 2002.  She had learnt it from Dr. Arun Apte for 6 months in 1998 in the Nagpur Music Academy, India. 

To be honest, before learning Sahaj Music, I remembered someone gave me a music CD by Dr. Arun Apte on Ragas and I just could not appreciate it.  I find that the music was too noisy and distracting.  I only listened to it once and then gave up.

When I started to learn Sahaj Music, I began to appreciate Indian Classical Music which is the basis that is used in Sahaj Music.  

I began to understand myself a bit more through music and find out about my chakras, which one catch most and which is weak.  I find music is the best medium to understand anything, for me that is because I love music and I find music is in-built in me.  I always have a song singing in my head or a rhythm playing in my ears.  It's very natural to me.  So when I started to learn Sahaj Music, I find that I can see myself in a better light, especially that it is about how Sahaja Yoga is connected through music, I can see how my life is.

In short, Sahaj Music has helped me to ascent very much.  It is very powerful and it can change the mood of the collective.  The vibrations are amazing and the effects are incredible.  I feel much faster through Sahaj music.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lat for sharing with us this powerful weapon called Sahaj Music.  I know sometimes I don't practice as much as I should, I really appreciate that you give your time and effort in teaching us.

It is sad that a strong and powerful instrument, Dr. Arun Apte have left us but his music will forever be in our hearts.

Shri Mataji, may they be in Your loving arms and embrace now and forever.