Praises for Shri Mataji

I didn't know this is so tough.  All this while I have been praying to Shri Mataji, asking the Divine to give me Her blessings, talked to Her about my problems and thanked Her for Her blessings and protection but I have never praised Her.

Then someone asked me to write praises to Shri Mataji, which will be put together in a card to be given to Her and I have to come up with praises within 2 days.

I didn't know what are praises to start off.  Went online to find out words of praises, asked another Sahaja Yogi what are praises and finally prayed to Shri Mataji hopefully I can come up with praises that She will be please.

So, finally it's done.  I won't tell what they are yet.

That makes me realise that I have been very selfish and all the while just asking from Divine and seldom gives back.  This is basically how I run my life, I suppose and Shri Mataji opened my eyes to show me to appreciate Her and appreciate everything in my life.

Thank You!