Angel and devil

When I was a child, I remember watching a Disney cartoon where Donald Duck was forced to make a difficult choice.  I forgot what are the choices but his angel side and devil side appeared above his shoulders to advice him.  The angel Donald Duck has wings and wears a white gown and of course with a shining halo.  The devil Donald Duck holds a trident, with horns and a long tail with an arrowhead and wears a red cape.  The angel also gives the impression that it is a goody two shoes and was smiling and giving advice to do good things and telling Donald Duck not to follow the Devil's advice.  Meanwhile the Devil will try to make Donald Duck make the bad decision and told him not to follow Angel's advice.  Devil has an angry face and spits more.  Donald Duck became confused and then Angel and Devil started arguing with each other.
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I still remember the image vividly in my head.  I cannot remember which decision Donald Duck chose but I remember the feeling watching it.  It was very cute and funny.

How far is this cartoon away from real life?  When I watched the cartoon, I thought nothing of it.  I was a child, so it's quite normal.

Now, I think much more and I wonder whether we do have an angel side and a devil side in all of us.  I know that there are angels out there who helped people and sometimes people call these incidences miracle stories.  I know that there are devils who make people's life miserable and caused accidents to happen.  Both angels and devils are invisible to the naked eye.

But inside us, angel and devil?  I really wonder.

Sometimes I think that we do have them in us.  A simple anger or jealousy or greed, I feel the Devil in us brings this out.  Sometimes when we have a big ego, I feel the Devil is doing its whispering of sweet nothings in our ear.  Sometimes we feel depressed and lonely and having low self-esteem, probably the Devil's work again.

Where is Angel? 

I feel in my life, the existence of the Devil is much more than Angel.  Probably because I don't appreciate good things in life but remember the worst happenings.  

So when is Angel around?

Angel is around when I feel so angry and then suddenly I feel that it's not worth it.  That is Angel telling the latter part.  Angel is around when things just worked out beautifully although it seems difficult.  Angel is there when there is love and joy.  

So, Angel actually works harder than the Devil and especially in this times of Kali Yoga.  Both works are subtle but I feel an Angel's work requires a lot more strength and power.  

I think Angel actually appears more in my life than I feel it.  Coming to Sahaja Yoga and staying as a Sahaja Yogi, an Angel's work.

Am I blaming a 3rd party for being unhappy?  Well, if both Angel and Devil are in us, then I am just blaming myself. 

Are we angelic or devilish?  Take a note in your day-to-day life, watch your actions and reactions.  I am sure we can see ourselves better.

As for me, it's easier to succumb to the Devil's tricks but then the Angel will try hard, with all it's might to bring me out of the quicksand.