Vertical or horizontal?

I am talking about growth in Sahaj.  Which is more important?  Vertical or horizontal growth?  Was reading a blog by a Sahaja Yogini and she mentioned this in her blog.  It has been on my mind too.

Vertical growth is growing deeper in Sahaj while horizontal growth is spreading Sahaj.

I feel both are important.  We should never neglect both.  But we should also be balance in both.

Shri Mataji has mentioned that vertical ascent can only be achieve when we grow horizontally.

We should give SR to as many as possible without forgetting who we really are, i.e Shri Mataji's instrument, Her child and Her soldier of love.  We are also the spirit, neither the ego nor the superego.  While spreading Sahaj is an important task, let's also not forget to clear ourselves and stay balance in every waking moment.


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