A time to forgive

I did a presentation yesterday in front of the collective.  From April 2010 onwards, every Yuva Shakti will need to present something to the collective.  This is because Shri Mataji mentioned that each and every Yuva Shakti should know public speaking.  The presentation will help them to be confident and courageous.  Anyway, I was a little nervous.  Although I hava made so many announcements before, presenting a topic in front of the collective is a whole new experience altogether.  I did a topic on Easter since today is Easter.

Here is Shri Mataji's speech given on Easter Day 2008.

“You have to forgive” - Easter Puja Talk

“All of you who are here for the Puja, I don’t know how you have managed to come. Otherwise it’s a very important day today for all of us, because you know how Christ died. He was crucified. He was put on a cross and He died.
He spoke about you people. He asked for forgiveness for all. What we have to learn from His life is the way He knew how to forgive - all of us.
We have to forgive people. That seems to be very difficult for people to forgive and if you are angry, then one cannot forgive. Then you are not anymore a Sahaja Yogi; as Sahaja Yogis you must forgive. That is very important; because that is the power you have won - from Christ.
Human beings make mistakes, that is a part of their life, but at the same time as Sahaja Yogis you must realize that you have to forgive, that this is much more important than getting angry. So to forgive people you have done something wrong, according to you or according to God, you have to forgive. And you will be surprised that the forgiveness is such a great and fine quality. If you can forgive, people will become extremely pure. 
Because the dirt or the anger that is within us… no doubt.
So to forgive is the biggest blessing human beings have. Even Christ said the same thing. “I forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.” So if Christ had to say that then what about you? We are all human beings and if we have done mistakes, then people can get angry and upset with you, but the best thing for you is - to forgive.
Forgive for doing something that should have not been done. This was the biggest quality of Christ that He knew how to forgive. He forgave people how had made horrible mistakes and He forgave them, because He loved them. And that is why you should also forgive.
Today is a special day for that. A special day for forgiveness. And that is why I say whatever you would think that it is very late, but we have done a meeting, because I didn’t want to miss the time [the occasion]. Forgiveness comes from people who are very generous, who are good-hearted. You know, everybody makes mistakes and so we can also make mistakes, but that means we have a right to forgive and we have a heart to forgive. If you don’t have that, then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. You must learn to forgive and forgive without any remarks behind you.
Today is a very special day, because that’s what Christ did, He was one of the most powerful deities or gods, you can say. Most powerful.
He could do anything and he could finish them, all of them, for misbehaving.
But what did he say? He said “I forgive” and he asks God also to forgive. So whatever might be your powers, whatever you have achieved in your life, whatever position you maybe occupying… but you must learn the way to forgive, otherwise you are nowhere near Christ. You must learn to forgive.
That is such a great quality if you can forgive, all the time forgive.
And that is why today I wanted to meet you all. I wanted to meet you all and tell you that today is the day to forgive. That does not mean that you sit down and think about how many people you have to forgive. That would be absurd. But something that haunts your mind and you think you have been troubled, have been in turmoil.
The interesting thing is that you don’t know how many powers you have and you don’t even forgive. Then you have all these powers and the greatest power you have got is to forgive.
Today is the day of forgiving. Forgiving people who you think have done wrong to you or they haven’t been very kind to you. Please try to remember at how many people you are still angry. Just forgive. Then you have punished them. If you forgive them from your heart, then you have punished them. You have given back whatever they wanted or deserved. So, this is not a very difficult thing, to forgive, but people think it is very difficult to forgive, because they have certain great understandings about themselves.
Then they think, how can they forgive? I don’t know what things upset you, anything can upset you, after all, you are all realized souls. You have got your Second Birth and you are special people. So you should have a special quality and the special quality is to forgive. To forgive, not to go on remembering why you should be angry and why you should be upset, but just remember what things you have to forgive.
Just forgive. For what? It is a practical thing. Most practical. Supposing somebody slaps you. Alright, if someone slaps me, what should I do? Should I slap him back? No. Then should I ask him, why did you slap me? No. Then I should think he must be a stupid fool to do like that? That won’t help. On the contrary, if you can just forgive, forgive that person who has done something wrong… For you it is important that you must forgive, because it has no effect on you… But if you forgive, it will have more effect. Your goodness, your righteousness, but I think human beings find it difficult to forgive… normally, normally…
But you are all realized souls, you are not only human beings, that is why I am requesting you to remember that you have the power to forgive. To forgive everyone who hurts you, who tortures you, who troubles you. How far can we go? Just think of forgiving him and you will be amazed, he will change. He will change and you will also enjoy it yourself.
This is a difficult thing for people to understand, but just try. Just try what I’m saying. If somebody does any harm to you, just forgive that person and see the reaction, reaction in that person and in yourself. See what happens. But if you want into the burden of anger or stupidity or whatever it is, then you have unnecessarily loaded yourself with useless things.
We should not waste our energy on deciding what is wrong, what did he do and what you should do to him. That we should not. Just leave him alone and you just forgive. Say “I forgive”.
Look at Christ. Such a powerful person, such a powerful god. And when He was crucified how He asked for forgiveness for them, because that is the power. Saying “I forgive” is very powerful. You don’t lose power, but on the contrary you go higher in your power, you go higher in your personality. Just forgive. As simple as that. To say that “I forgive”, just like that.
That’s how I live, because people have their own ways and they do whatever they like, but I don’t get angry on that point. I am not upset on that point, neither I am concerned. I just say “I forgive”, that’s all. You will be amazed. Within Myself, it helps so much. Really, very helpful.
So this is a very good quality for which today is a special day. On the cross Christ said “I wish God forgives them, because they do not know what they are doing”. On the cross. He said this and what we have to learn is to forgive.
For our’s sake, not for others. This helps us. If we forgive, this will help us very much within ourselves. This is the message for today and permanently, permanently. Always, if you are angry with anyone, just say “I forgive”. If you find somebody, troubling you or hurting you or torturing you, whatever they commit, just forgive. Just forgive. This is the only way. 
Today is a very important day for us. I’m so very happy that some of us are here and that I can speak to you. Thank you.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Easter Puja 2008, Nagpur, India