Time out at ISYRHC - By Yeng Chan

This article was published in the Malaysian Yuva Shakti Newsletter - Issue 3, March 2010.

I was given a great opportunity by Shri Mataji last year, when I had the chance to go to the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre (ISYRHC). I was there from 29 November 2009 to 16 December 2009.

A brief background of ISYRHC. It was inaugurated by Shri Mataji on 19 February 1996. Located at CBD, Belapur, Navi Mumbai, India, some Sahaja Yogis called it the “Vashi Hospital” as it is located near Vashi town. It is a place for Sahaja Yogis to get Sahaja Yoga treatment, whether for physical problems, mental, emotional or for spiritual ascent. The treatments are administered by Sahaja Yoga doctors using the tech-niques taught by Shri Mataji.

It was truly 100% a relaxing time for me when I was there as I was completely cut off from TV, internet, responsibilities and duties. I went there alone, which was a good thing as you need a lot of “me” time for introspection.

The vibrations were cool the whole time and one can feel Shri Mataji‟s attention there very much. The food were cooked with love by a group of cooks and tasted heavenly.

The doctors are all very kind and humble people. They cleared the “patients” with so much love and attention. They are truly Shri Mataji‟s instruments, just like us too.

The daily routine starts from 5am and ends at 10pm. Besides meeting the doctors for treatment, we medi-tate collectively 3 times a day, i.e., morning, evening and night. In-between we have free time, which we used to do our “homework”, which are clearing techniques that were given by the doctors. Once a day, we collectively do footsoak and shoebeat. We also listened to Shri Mataji‟s speech every night and sing bhajans.

I was there in search of me and it was a really good place to find out more about yourself. I also learn what mantra to use, what are my catches, what are the clearing techniques to use and why there are stubborn catches. I discovered that the heart plays an important part in our clearing and ascent. When we feel joy in our heart, we can easily clear the catches. I was also reminded that in the end we should just surrender to Shri Mataji because ultimately She is the Doer and Enjoyer and we are only Her instrument.

In short, as explained in the website, the ISYRHC is a place to learn, to pray, to surrender, to love and be loved. For more information on the ISYRHC, visit www.sahajahealthcentre.com.