Meditation relieves stress

I was really stressed when I was at my previous job.  Everyday was a battle, especially from February to August.  The work was interesting but the boss was even more interesting.  Work weekends, work overtime, rush and rush, get scolded if poor performance, work and work and no benefits.

As a result of that, my hair was dropping significantly, I have more gray hair, my face was filled with pimples, sleep deprived and numerous health issues.  Due to the hectic schedule, I was not paying enough time to clear myself and meditate.  I took my health for granted.  I was not paying attention to anything else, except to work, work and work. The best part is I don't even notice that I was on a high stress level.  All I care was to finish my work on time and ensure that it is to near perfection.  I thought to myself, "I am still young, no problem, I can endure all of this."  I was already getting signs that I was imbalance (like all those symptoms mentioned above), but I just ignore everything.

Then I quit and came to this new job.  

My new job is the total opposite of my old job.  There's work to do, but no one is breathing down my neck.  I can still surf, I can do my work at my own pace and just enjoy and relax.  But I have to admit that I am a workaholic.  When there's nothing to do, I feel bored.  When someone gave me things to do, my heart will be jumping in happiness.  When someone asked me to solve some accounting issues, I will be in cloud nine.

I have more time to meditate and do clearing.  

This is what I noticed after a few months of working here.  My hair is still dropping but not to the alarming level as last time and new hairs are growing.  I still have gray hair but not as much as before.  I was told that if I think too much I get more gray hair.  Well, maybe now I don't have to think so much., especially at work  My face is cleared of pimples, except some tiny ones.  My health have improved tremendously and I am putting on weight. 

A few days ago, unknowingly, I did an experiment.  I woke up late and as a result of that, I missed my morning meditation.  I went to work as usual.  I started thinking and thinking while working and all sorts of thoughts enter my head.  Negative thoughts, thoughts that I have created in my head, like someone is talking behind my back, why does this person talk to me so harshly, why I can't seem to get this thing work out, I should have said this to that person, What?! You think you are so good?, poor me, why do I always get treated badly, the list goes on and on.  I couldn't focus, was feeling very annoyed and irritated, feels like I was going to burst out any moment.  'It's one of those days' or 'I woke up on the wrong side of the bed' day, as people said.  I just cannot think straight.

The next day, I told myself that I am not going to miss another meditation, so I woke up on time.  I had a nice meditation, in which I was able to achieve thoughtless awareness, although it lasted only a short time.  I went to work as usual.  This time, whenever there's negative thoughts entering my head, I can push it away and was able to think rationally. 

What a big difference when we start our morning right.  So, I feel that stress is brought upon by ourselves, not by our co-workers, bosses, people on the street, cars on the road, ants on your table, etc, etc.  When we meditate, we are able to balance ourselves and stay balance the whole day.  Even if there's some unpleasant things that happened, it will only last a few seconds.  You know how to brush it away.

In support of starting your morning right.  Meditate today!