Matka pot treatment - Night 2

I always like to do the matka pot treatment because I sleep really well and really deep.  Although I will have dreams but still the sleep is very peaceful.

Last night I dreamt of my father, one of my cousins and my rakhi brother.  It was very 'rojak' (mixed) dream.  We were at a wedding dinner and don't know why suddenly my father walked angrily to one table at the back.  So, me and a friend (don't know who) went with him and saw him scolding my cousin.  This cousin in real life is very controlled by her father, so her behaviour is a bit strange.  But in the dream, she was like a gangster, wearing colourful, sexy clothes (very unlike her real life) and she was talking back to my father.  So, my friend and I quickly went there and stopped him.  He left and I apologised to her and she asked me to drink as a punishment and I said my friend will drink on my behalf.  Very drama like, like in TVB (Hong Kong TV).

Then change of scene and my rakhi brother (also behaving very gangster like) with a group of his friends told me that the reason why my father is so grumpy is because he lack massages.  Then everyone left the wedding dinner and I woke up.

This is only the end part of the dream because this part I remembered the most. 

Well, these are the effects of matka pot treatment.  Remember do not looked inside your matka pot when you close it in the morning.  Just quickly check whether there's smell then close it.