Beautiful Shri Ganesha

We had a beautiful Shri Ganesha Puja on Saturday and then yesterday, a Sahaj sister taught us to make little Shri Ganesha from clay.  What a beautiful experience it was.

We used terracota clay to make.  Our attention throughout this process were so good and the vibrations around us were so amazing.

And then together at a yogi's house, we watched the weddings live from Cabella.  It was midnight here, but daytime there.  So much of vibrations.  I was remisnicing my experience then.  We felt so joyful just watching the smiling faces of the brides and grooms.  So much in bliss.

We were truly drenched with vibrations and didn't want to leave although it was already 2am.  So much so, today I wanted to write about the whole Sahaj wedding ceremony.  But I realised that it could be too sensitive for the public.  So, it's in my draft now.  Maybe I will create a private blog to post this up.  Maybe not.

We love Sahaja Yogis company.  So much of joyful, so spontaneous, so comfortable.  There's no ego.  There's no hatred.  There's no anger.  Just us and vibrations.

Next project, hopefully to make a bigger clay Shri Ganesha for the altar.  This time with details, like fingers and toes.  Yup!

Jai Shri Ganesha!

And this marks our 3rd year together.  It has been a blissful marriage.  Lots to learn from one another.  If at anytime he is not balance, I will know it immediately and vice versa.  If one day I become too right-sided, he will be come too left-sided and we have to quickly acknowledge this and clear together.  That's how amazing Sahaj marriage is.  May God bless us with many more blissful years to come.  Thank You Shri Mataji for this amazing lifetime experience.