A test for all of us

Disclaimer: This is merely my personal opinion and have no intention to hurt or critize anyone.

I have finally understood the very subtle meaning of collectivity.  Thank You for opening my ears and eyes.  Thank You for telling me to be patient and witness the drama and maya surrounding me.  It was only through this detachment, I was able to understand fully.

I can see that many people has misunderstood the word "Collective".  I can also understand, that despite the many speeches and talks throughout the years, if one take it literally, one may not be able to grasp the full message.  Because the messages are very subtle.

As much as I want to tell the rest of the world, what I feel and what I know, I guess it's best that they find it out themselves.  Sometimes talking too much doesn't help anybody, something that I have experienced in the past.  Also, it doesn't help my ego.

When someone told me off for missing few collectives, I began to wonder.  Does coming to collective often, makes one more collective?  When I see someone who seldom go to collective, but a much deeper yogi and so much wiser than those who does, what does this tell me?  Don't get me wrong.  I am not advocating people not to go collective so often.  It's a very subtle message.

Being collective is right there in the heart.  But coming to collective and then disagreeing every single thing there, doesn't make one collective at all.

Same thing as it doesn't mean that by giving lots of self-realisation, makes you a very good yogi.  It's really subtle.  

I have seen people who are very collective and a collective which is very united.  They do everything together.  They partied together.  They sing together.  They welcome everyone.  That's what collective is.  And what beautiful vibrations.  

Collective is not about coming every week and then not participating or disagreeing with everyone else or the procedures or decorations or anything at all or complaining and gossiping about others or bragging about the SR programs that you did.

What I am trying to say is, it's right there in the heart.  Have a good heart.  But it doesn't work if you are the only one having a good heart and trying to implement things or change things.  It must be the whole collective.  Everyone should have a good heart in order to have a strong collective.  

What it means is that we witness and not complain about the things that others have done.  That we introspect our weaknesses and pray for change.  That we forgive others before we are forgiven.  That we treat everyone else truly as our brothers and sisters and not just merely words.  That we are compassionate towards others.  That we don't judge our brothers and sisters vibrationally or not.  That we accept and love everyone despite their shortcomings.  That if others are not willing to forgive and forget, you are able to be detached and treat them all with love.  That's what collective is and should be.

To change this, it has to start from ourselves.  Individually.  And come to the collective and see if we can influence others to do the same.  If we have ego, then surrender.  If not, we just continue to witness and pray to Shri Mataji.  She knows best.

I guess the main problem is that we have too big of a ego.  That we think we are the best.  When we are not.