Vibrate the air the Sahaj way

Few years back, I blogged about how to make your own fragrant vibrated water here.

Now that the haze is back in Malaysia and the air quality is so poor that even inside the house, all I breath is smoke.  So, I did this.

Have you heard of air purifier/revitalizer?  It was quite the 'in' thing few years back, but lately people preferred the ionizer instead.

How this work is, the outside air gets absorbed into the water inside the air purifier and then in return the air purifier gives out fresh air.  Not sure exactly how well it worked.  But the room was definitely fresher and smells better.

What I did was, I added vibrated water into the air purifier.  I added few drops of water-based perfume oil with the Khus fragrance into the water.  I bought this water-based perfume oil online, from a company in India.  The smell is so great and so soothing.

And lo and behold, the whole room started to smell of Khus grass.  And we felt so relaxed and de-stressed and the vibrations in the room also got better.

Definitely the air was fresher and the air gets vibrated as well.  Try it if you have one at home!