Why do I blog?

I started out this blog, wanting to share all the lovely Sahaja Yoga experiences with the whole world.  It went well, the first few posts, until year 2008.

Then what I noticed was, a lot of posts were trying to convince myself that I am on the right track.  I felt sorry for myself, victimising and sometimes rambling about worldly problems.

Now, it's 4 years since 2008 and many times I told myself to write only happy things.  So that anyone who reads them are happy as well.  I tried to dig my memories of all the beautiful, lovely experiences that I had.  But it seems to be running thin.

Sometimes I wonder, how come some people can be so optimistic and always looking at the bright side?  But I can't seem to do that?

I don't want to give up on this.  I don't want to turn the blog into something depressing.  I wondered myself, have I become more and more ungrateful towards whatever I have?  Or, I am asking too much and expecting a lot?

Anyway, I believe that it's my own issues and also many things are happening around the world that is making me think more and appreciate less.

So, I read somewhere that everywhere in the world now, the news reports are so depressing and all that.  Everyone who reads them also feel sad.  So, let's start some happy thoughts (or better still thoughtless).

I have hope that the world will be a better place.  It is changing for the better.  So instead of dooming the world to end or feeling hopeless at whatever issues we are having at the moment or getting to the point of no return and not going anywhere else, let's turn things around.

The world needs lots of love, hope and faith to turn into peace.  It's spirituality that will transform the world and not any kind of spirituality, the real kind, the truth.

From now onwards, let's move towards the positive side.  Let's start from the beginning.