Being simple but not too simple

My husband taught me a few things in life.  Some are quite valuable, so I thought I better write it down somewhere.  Sometimes, the more people advises me, the more I can't seem to follow through.  The best for me is learning through experience and this is his experience.  Anyway, all these were already spoken by Shri Mataji.  

The first is if you have spoken the truth to another person, but if that person still want to be ignorant and do not want to accept the truth, then just leave it.  You are blessed to know the truth and have compassion for that person who does not.

The second was to have pure desire.  Pure desire work better if the desire is for another person, for the betterment of that person.  I read a beautiful talk by Babamama, Shri Mataji's brother here, and it is exactly how my husband experienced.  He desired something for another person and that person got what he wants.  So, I realised that I always desire for my own things, my career, my family, my this, my that, everything mine.  Just try to desire for another person.  The biggest challenge is to desire the betterment for someone who have hurt you before.  

The third was his birthday present.  I asked him what he wants.  I wanted to give him something material.  He thought about it for a while and then said he doesn't need anything.  Whatever I wanted to give him, he already has and it is still working.  In the end, he told me that he wants lots of encouragement and moral support from me, including lots of cool vibrations too!  Wow!  That's simple and yet not simple and it's not expensive yet priceless!  

In another words, just be simple.