Don't indulge yourself with unhappiness

I wrote a post few minutes earlier and it was full of unhappiness.  Somehow, don't know why, my cursor decided to go to the Close button and click and poof, the whole thing gone.  So, I guess, it's a message that's not meant to go out to everyone.  It's saved but I think it's not meant for you to read, so I deleted it.

Well, yes, I was unhappy, and still am a bit.  But what's the point right?  Today I found really, that negativity is acting out again and it can pulls you down faster than anything.  I was not strong, I have to admit, and was pull deep into the trap.  

There are so many unhappy people out there that I feel really insecure to walk out on the streets sometimes.  I don't know who I will meet.  It can be a thief, you can get scolded anytime, for no reason, strangers can be really rude to you, it's scary.  Coz unhappiness spells negativity and so on and so on.  Lately I find that so many people have no qualms in controlling what they want to say to you, whether it is rude or not.  And especially on FB, wow, it's really scary.  So many people feel they have a right to be rude, they have a right to put down another person, they have the right to say whatever they want to say even if it hurts others.

I always told myself, that something, will happen sometime in the future.  It's going to be something good and all bad things will be cleared out.  I have faith and I believe in that.  I don't know what it is or how or when exactly it will happen, but I believe it will happen.  Because I truly hope and wish it will happen because there are too many unhappy people and it's becoming a vicious cycle.

Happiness spreads and so can unhappiness.  And that spreads faster than speed of light.  I feel that if all the Sahaja Yogis in the world, remained balance, clear ourselves more and be Shri Mataji's true instrument, then our vibrations can work out on people around us and slowly that can transform people.  Not only giving SR but to do this, give joy through knowing someone new, through doing something dharmic, to following the marydas of the daily life, to showing good example to others and so on.

What kind of examples can we show?

Well, if we are really, truly balance, first of all, we feel really blessed.  That whatever we have and achieved, is nothing but God's Grace.  Then we start forgiving those who have hurt us.  I do hope that when those who hurt us sees that we forgave them although they have hurt us before, and change because of that, then that will be ideal.  However, ego is our worse enemy.  It makes us feel great and makes others see us as an idiot.

Then we should have compassion for them, for they failed to see the truth.  You start praying that one day they can see and know the truth too.

Sometimes I feel, now that Shri Mataji is in Her nirakar form, that I don't have the confident and powers that She bestows on us.  Maybe that's just my ego.

Whatever it is, I pray that one day truth will prevail and people will lead dharmic lives and follow the maryadas and be more and more spiritual.  Then the world will truly beautiful for people will be kinder to others and not take good people for granted, for ego will vanish and everyone will live in joy and harmony, for Divine will shower never-ending bliss on us.