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Vibrations will always be with us...

It's not the first time that I have lost someone I love.  But this time, it's different.  A Guru, a Saviour, a Mother left the earth.  Now, She is completely Shri Adi Shakti, with all Her full powers, without the limitations of a physical body.  The time has come.
Somehow, I have mixed emotions.  I was overwhelmed with sadness when I first heard the news.  I couldn't believe it although I knew the time would come.  But still, it is so difficult to deal with the fact and the reality.  Coming to terms with the news took some time.  My heart is still a little heavy.
Shri Mataji taught me love, a language that was not known to me, not very much.  She showed me what is joy.  So many things She has taught me.  Without Her, I would not be what I am today.
Today, reflecting back to my blessed time with Her, although there were not many, but it was enough to last me a lifetime.
The very first time that I met Her in person was in 2001, at Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella.  I remember whe…

The second era of Sahaja Yoga

5th May 1984 ROUEN , FRANCE

"My attention is always with you. Every time you think of Me, I'll be with you; entirely! Anything you wish, I will be there to help you in every way. If anything seems to you difficult, do not take it on your shoulders; leave everything in the care of the All Pervading power of the Divine Love, the Power of Adi Shakti, Paramchaitanya. Nothing is difficult. Nothing is bad so as you can't manage it.
In the first stage of Sahaja Yoga it was necessary to see Me in My physical form, as we call it in Sanskrit language, Dhysya is the purpose; the aim, the purpose was needed to be in front of you - everything was to be touched.
So when you wanted to achieve it, you always felt happy, blessed and joyous when you had Me in front of you.
Then, in the second stage, you don't wish as much that Mother should be there.You will take this burden off my shoulders. This is the Divine Desire I a…

Pyar. Bhare

Behold these beautiful pure eyes (full of benevolence and compassion, expressing Mother's love),
which have provided us eternal security and comfort.
Nobody knows the depth of the love and compassion they emit through their radiance
so also nobody has been able to fathom the depth of the eyes.
Behold these beautiful pure eyes.

I can see the serenity and calm of the lake in the eyes but the two are not comparable since the lake has a bottom, while the qualities in these eyes are perennial.
Even the deep ocean appears shallow as compared to the depth of these eyes.
Even the dazzling sunlight appears dim and hazy compared to the radiance and glory of these eyes.
These eyes are beyond similes and beyond comparison: they are Divinely 'beyond and above all'.
therefore how can they be compared with any other creation of God?

When the flowing river goes and meets the sea it loses its identity and is identified with the sea.
Similarly when we Sahaja Yogis are blessed by these divin…

I love You and I will miss You

Thank you to all the Italian brothers and sisters for broadcasting live from Genoa, the Memorial Puja.  The power of internet is so amazing.  We were able to watch Shri Mataji from all over the world.  Thank you for allowing us to pay our last respects to Shri Mataji.
Tribute to Shri Mataji
Shri Mataji, I don't think I have thank You enough for everything You have given me.  Thank You for picking me up and taking me into Your care.  Your love and compassion will forever be remembered in my heart.  We will continue to spread Your love and Your message. 
For the past few days, my heart have been very heavy.  You know that we will be sad and grieving, so You let us feel the beautiful vibrations surrounding us.  I know You will forever be with us.  But I still can't help but miss Your physical form, Your radiant and beautiful face and Your charming smile. I guess I have grown attached to Your physical form.  Please forgive me.
Although You have never spoken to me personally, but I fe…

Morning Prayer

Shri Mataji,  May I this day, be what You want me to be, May I this day, say what You want me to say, May I this day, be part and parcel of the whole, And may my thoughts be of a realised soul, May I this day, have love for all mankind, Shri Mataji, please be in my heart and in my mind.

Shri Mataji, We love You forever and ever

Shri Mataji, Thank You for everything.  I am forever grateful to have met You and taken Your physical darshan.  The most memorable time for me, the longest time spent in Your physical presence was in New Jersey, US, 2005.  We were invited to sing a bhajan for You.  We sang Pyar Bhare.  You turned to Sir CP and said it was a difficult bhajan.  I think we were in that room with You and Sir CP for almost 10 minutes, maybe longer.  I am so blessed to have given so many chances to see You in person. 
Mataji, Mataji, Your face shines like a thousand suns, You have given us, more than we could ask, For bliss and peace and harmony.

"I am with you. I am with you at every step, at very place. You may go anywhere. At every place I am with you, completely, in person, by mind and in every aspect. Whenever you will remember Me, I will be by your side with all My powers. It is My promise.." . Shri Mataji

Urgent need for us to re-connect with Mother

This is an email received from Australia.  These are good suggestions for us to be balance, be in meditation and be in the present.

Urgent need for us to re-connect with Mother
Dear Yogis,

We have received news today about the urgent need to improve our individual and collective attention on Her Holiness and use methods Shri Mataji has provided us to go inside and be One with Her.

'We are all cells in the being of the Adi Shakti and our condition is reflected in Her condition'.
To bring this about the following actions are recommended: 
Individually :

    * Regular morning meditation, individual  cleansing, foot soaks, shoe beating 
    * Listening to HH Shri Mataji's talks
    * Improving own Vibratory awareness
    * Keeping attention on HH Shri Mataji at all times
    * Have a friend who can raise our awareness and work on each other 
 Forgetting and Forgiving everyone from heart with affirmation to Shri Mataji
    * Doing things sincerely, honestly for our own self
    * No…

For united we stand, divided we fall

I read with tears in my eyes, an email from Italy.  This email is to be circulated and shared with all brothers and sisters in Sahaja Yoga.  However, I will not share the email here because I know some readers are not Sahaja Yogis.

When the world is fighting with each other, crime rates increased, politics everywhere, people are fighting for power, for money and so on, Sahaja Yogis should unite and join hands and be ONE.  We are part and parcel of the whole.  Only by being together, by being ONE, we can change the world.  Maya, maya everywhere.

Let's forgive and forget and move on.  Let's love each other and respect one another.  Remember the lyrics above?  It's so true.

2011 Sahaja Yoga Puja Dates

Latest update:  All these puja will be in Nirakar form.  Not sure whether date and place will be the same.

2011 Saakar Puja Schedule | Print | E-mail The following information is accurate as of 17.02.11, subject to change by Shri Mataji.
NamePuja DayHosting CountriesSHIVARATRI & BIRTHDAY PUJA  18-19-20 MarchAustralia, India, Switzerland, ItalyBIRTHDAY Felicitations21 March
SAHASTRAR PUJA6-7-8 MaySlovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, AustriaADISHAKTI PUJA10-11-12 June Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the Baltics GURU PUJA15-16-17 JulyBulgaria, India, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Turkey and SwitzerlandKRISHNA PUJA19-20-21 AugustThe three Americas GANESH PUJA & marriages 26-27-28 August Australia, Romania, Russia, New Zealand ,China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam NAVRATRI PUJA
30 Sept & 1-2 Oct.  Israel, Greece, South Africa, Cyprus, Ukraine, UK

Happy Chap Goh Mei!!!!

Today marks the end of 15 days celebration of Chinese New Year.  After today, I won't be able to collect anymore ang pow.  This year is the last year that I will be collecting ang pow since this year is my last year under the single status.  So, today marks the last day of my ang pow collection in this lifetime (well, with exception on birthdays and my own wedding, otherwise no more ang pow during CNY, instead I have to give ang pow now.)
元宵节快乐!!!Update : I forgot to mention this.  Today is also Chinese Valentine's Day.  In Malaysia, many single ladies will throw mandarin oranges into the pond or river and guys will fish it out.   This is in hope of getting a good man.  In modern times, some girls will even write their phone numbers on the oranges so that the whichever guy who pick it up can just call and make a date.  I know nowadays many people do it for fun, some are already attached and yet they still do it.  It is becoming more commercialise, just like the Western Valentin…

The phases in life

Being the eldest in my family, I grew up feeling fearful.  Each step I take, I feel I am leading the way.  Be the first to try new things.   I was scared of the future.  My parents were too busy with work and they can't tell me what step I have to take.  Going to school was fearful, stepping into the class for the first time was horrifying.  I kept telling myself that there's always a first time.  But I was very scared, shy, timid and fearful.  Now when I think back, I feel it will be better if my parents had prepared me in advance, telling me what I have to go through, how to deal with things, rather than for me to experience and experiment.  Then I became close to my cousin sister.  She was one year older than me.  So she will take the first step then she tell me what's its like.  I felt relieved sometimes.  I was very dependable on her.  Until she passed away when I was 21.  I was lost and felt that now I have to walk alone.
As we mature in life, we will start to underst…

Foshan & Guangzhou, China (02.02-06.02)

First time ever, celebrating Chinese New Year away from Malaysia.  Went to where Chinese New Year originated, i.e China and went to see how authentic Chinese New Year is celebrated, and of course meeting my future in-laws.
2 February 2011 (Wednesday)
We reached Guangzhou airport at almost 9pm.  KK arrived with the private car he hired and my aunt, uncle and my parents got into the car.  KK took me on a cab since the car is full.  We went to have supper in one of the restaurant.  It was CNY eve.  Restaurant was full although it was almost 11pm.  By the time we finished supper it was midnight and firecrackers can be heard from all directions.  It was really something that I have not seen in Malaysia before.  According to my parents, back in the 80s, when firecrackers was allowed in Malaysia, this was the same scene.  It brings back memories to them.  To me, it was something exciting, something new, something interesting.  Walked back to the hotel and found that KK has booked for us a luxu…