Significance of Navaratri

In preparation of Navaratri prayers, here's something for everyone to read.  Please note that these are NOT from Shri Mataji's excepts or Her speeches, but it's something from the internet.  Navaratri prayers will commence this Friday, 8th October 2010.

Significance of Navaratri
'Nav' means nine. 'Ratri' is made up of Ra, meaning night and Tri, meaning the three aspects of our life: Body, Mind and Soul. So, 'Navaratri' means giving rest to all the three aspects of our life, for nine days!

The nine days of Navratri are equal to nine months a baby spends in the mother's womb, resting there. 'Ratri'(night) is a period where you are 'in rest'.We stay 9 months in our mother's womb, 9 months of rest and then a consciousness is born.It represents the evolution of the consciousness to a heightened awareness.

In life, there are positive and negative qualities that affect us. Navaratri represents how the negativity can be conquered by the inherent positive qualities in an individual so that one emerges as a divine being.

During Navaratri, we invoke the energy aspect of God in the form of the universal mother, commonly referred to as "Durga," which literally means the remover of miseries of life. She is also referred to as "Devi" (goddess) or "Shakti" (energy or power). It is this energy, which helps God to proceed with the work of creation, preservation and destruction.

Navaratri is divided into sets of three days to adore three different aspects of the supreme goddess or goddesses.

On the first three days, the goddess is invoked as a powerful spiritual force called Durga in order to destroy all our impurities, vices and defects and enhance valor and self confidence.

During the next three days, the Mother is adored as a giver of spiritual wealth, Lakshmi, who is considered to have the power of bestowing on her devotees the inexhaustible wealth.

The final set of three days is spent in worshipping the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati to enhance the knowledge element in us.

In order to have all-round success in life, we need the blessings of all three aspects of the divine femininity, hence, the worship for nine nights.

A period of introspection and purification, Navratri is traditionally an auspicious time for starting new ventures.

On the 10th days we celebrate the day of victory of good over evil.

There are three types of miseries: The misery inflicted by the world, by the subtle mind (consciousness) and from the soul.

From these three types of miseries: One is from outside world, other one from deep inside you, due to karma and the third one is due to the subtle mind. So Navratri is that which gives you rest from all three types of miseries.