Happy Diwali!!!

What an eventful weekend it has been. Yesterday was Deepavali (Diwali in Tamil) and it was a public holiday for us in Malaysia.

On Saturday, a cobra came into Lat’s house. I was there and was terrified. Jump on the couch and crouched there to watch the cobra as it has slithered through the gap under the door and rested underneath the shoe rack. We were wondering what to do with it, then checked vibrations and it was cool to remove it. So, Lat called the firemen. They came and took the cobra in just 5 minutes. I asked one of them what will they do with it, killed it? He said they will release it in the jungle. So, here are the photos. A few of them, one is before it was caught, when it was caught and after it was caught.

Then on Sunday, I went for a seafood lunch at Kuala Selangor with my family. On the way, took some photos of a cow and some monkeys and a stray puppy, very cute. The drive is just so beautiful. Then in the evening, went to Jaso’s house for Diwali dinner. There were Gerty and her boys, Joshua and Brandon, Padmaja and Amogh, Lat, Kim and myself. Very nice dinner, delicious food and we had amazing conversations, about Sahaj, about Sahajis, about life, and so on. We only left about 2.30am.

Then yesterday, woke up early for a full body oil rub. It is a tradition among south Indians on the Diwali morning to do a head to toe oil rub. Then Lat and I went to Mrs.Bala’s house for a Diwali lunch. Amazing food again. We hang out for a bit, met with some political figures then went back.

As today is the actual Diwali day being celebrated in India and Singapore, I would like to share this message on a poster hanging on the wall in my room given to me by a Sahaja Yogi who went to LA in 2004 for Diwali puja. The message on the poster reads:

My dear Sahaja Yogis, my dear children,

Let this Diwali enlighten you with light of love.

As the glass protects the lamp, in the same way my love will protect you.

But the glass should be kept clean. How can I explain? Have I to say like Shri Krishna “Leave all religions and surrender to me” or as Shri Jesus “I am the way. I am the door”? I want to tell that I am that destination, but will you people accept it? Will this fact go to your hearts? Although what I say is distorted, the truth will always stand. You cannot change what it is. Only you will remain ignorant and backward.

Diwali is the day of real aspirations. Invoke the whole universe. Many lamps have to be lit and looked after. Add the oil of love. Kundalini is the wick and awaken the Kundalini of others with light of the spirit within you.

This flame of Kundalini will be kindled and the one within you will become the torch. Torch will not be extinguished. Then there will be spotless sheath of my love. It will neither have any limits nor any end. I will be watching you. My love for you is showering as many, many blessings.

Yours always loving Mother Nirmala

(Letter to yogis from Shri Mataji, 21.10.76, translated from Hindi)

I wish everybody a Happy Diwali. May the light of this Diwali brighten our spiritual journey more than before.