A dream

Few days back, my little girl had a dream.  Since she is only 3.5 years old, explanation of any thing in depth is not quite possible.  

She dreamt of Shri Ganesha who said this to her, "Dance, Eat, Play."

And she also dreamt of Shri Mataji (she said they came together) who said, "Do work, Sleep, Walk."

While she probably doesn't know the meaning of them all, I think the message is pretty clear.

Shri Ganesha spoke to her and the message for her to learn dancing, to eat well and to play a lot.

I guess it's time for me to sign her up for bharatanatyam.  Although she is not picky with food, but she ate too slow and would keep food in the mouth for a long time.  And she does play, but I don't think it's enough, as she tend to watch TV more.

As for Shri Mataji's mesasge, I think it's for me.  I am currently having some difficult time at work, wondering if I should do a career jump or just hang on.  Because of the stress, I noticed I haven't been sleeping well.  Bought a tracker and been using for a month and found that every time I have too much thoughts (despite having a good meditation), I don't have enough deep sleep.  Last night, the deep sleep was only 58 minutes for the entire sleep of 6 hours.  Also, I need to start walking as I am putting lots of weight due to all this.  

So, I think I should stay put in my current job for whatever reason (economy not that great too), sleep more and walk a lot.

As to why meditation or singing is missing, I guess we are doing those already.  But those mentioned, we are not doing enough or good enough.

Just want to write this down before I forget.