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Nightmare at Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya

If you follow my blog long enough, you would know by now that my husband is from China and every year we have been going to Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya to extend his Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP).
If you are new to my blog, here's a summary of  my background.  My husband is from China.  We were married in 2011 (registered in China in Aug 2011 and re-registered in Malaysia in Nov 2011).  As we couldn't decide where we want to live after marriage, he only came to Malaysia in Dec 2012 for good.  He was on a 30 days tourist visa when he entered and so we went to apply the LTSVP for the first time in Dec 2012.   He has been on a 12-month LTSVP since 2012.  In 2014, when he got employed, we decided to do the work endorsement as well and he has been on 12-month work endorsement from 2014.
Now back to the title of this post.   I couldn't describe better what happened to us yesterday other than calling it a nightmare.  Might be over-dramatize for some, might be over-exaggera…

To ooti or not to ooti

With my memory losing each day, I almost forgot that I have this blog.  Kidding.
Happy (belated) Diwali!  I didn't forget this blog.  Just simply busy with other things.
Just want to share a very special message that came to me during Diwali Puja last week.
Before that, I have been struggling with the catch on the left agnya for couple of weeks now.  I tried candling, Raag Bhup for agnya and dhoop-ing the room but nothing works.  
The yuvas were in charge of the puja this time.  One of them WhatsApp-ed me if I can join one of the ladies to do the ooti.  Since I have done few times already this year alone, I told the yuva to please give others a chance.  If he really can't find anyone, then I will do it.  Another reason of my reluctance was also because I can't fit into my sari blouses anymore and don't have the time to visit a tailor and those that I could fit in are not sent for dry-cleaning yet.  
In that excuse, I was thinking, to give others a chance.  I always se…