Sahaj Busy Book

I got this idea from the Montessori moms.  Some of these books are Christian based.  So I thought why not make a Sahaj based busy book instead.  

After lots of planning and thinking, finally came up with a busy book that incorporates both learning and Sahaj knowledge.  

The whole book is made of felt material, which is easily obtainable from Daiso and Popular.  I find Popular's price is better and with member discount is much more advantageous.  I used glue gun rather than sew as I want to make something fast.

Page 1

Page 2
The first 2 pages are the counting and number pages.  This is pretty easy to make.  The numbers are from Miss A's sticker book which is reusable sticker, hence they are not so sticky and kept coming out.  I stuck it onto circle shaped mounting board measured to about 50 cent coin size.  The numbers are stuck on velcro and can be taken out to match the number of beads.

Page 3
I love this page the most simply because it is most colourful.  This page is about colours of the rainbow.  If you look closely, the flower looking thing is actually a wick holder made of cardboard which you can find the Chinese using it for their praying altar.  I managed to find some flower shaped ones instead of the normal round ones.  I used it for our altar and just removed the wick, coloured it with magic pen and then inserted a soft metal/aluminium art and craft thing like a pin (don't know what it's call) which you can see in the shape of ribbon and some round ones.  On the felt rainbow I used glue gun and stuck some tiny magnet balls so that the metal piece can be stuck and unstuck on it.  This is for matching the colours.  The magnet balls were bought in Daiso.  They have flat ones too which I only found out later.  But beware.  It can be a choking hazard as it is really tiny.  So, make sure the glue gun is sticking it tightly.

Page 4
This page was not as fun according to Miss A.  She seems to always avoid this page.  I tried it on my nephew and found that the smaller buttons were difficult.  But the giant button was easy.  Nevertheless, it look quite beautiful.

Page 5

Page 6
I sewed the shapes and inserted polyester stuffing to make it puffy.  Underneath this is velcro so it is removable.  Miss A seems to like this a lot.

Page 7
This AUM puzzle was a little too difficult for Miss A.  She still can't recognise the sign well.  I might change to something easier.  This is also stuck on velcro so it is removable.

Page 8
The clothes peg are the small ones for arts and craft.  The colour of the fingers are removable as they are stuck on velcro.  Miss A just enjoy removing the pegs and not putting them back as she can't yet.

Page 9
The chakra chart.  The chakras are stuck with velcro except for Agnya and Sahasrara which is permanently stuck.  The clothes peg for Page 8 can be used here as well.

Page 10
Page 11
The Mooladhara pages.  These pictures were downloaded from Google, keyword is Hindu deity cartoon.  Actually there are many choices, but I chose these as they are not too cartoonish and very detailed and beautifully drawn.  Credits to the artist.  I stuck the picture onto cardboard to make it sturdier and cut accordingly.  Then I put an ice cream stick behind to make it like a puppet show.  Each deity is removable from the page.  I intend to do story-telling using the deities.

Page 12

Page 13
The Swadisthana pages.  

Page 14

Page 15
The Nabhi pages.

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18

Page 19
The Anahat pages.  I can't find a picture of Sita though.

Page 20
The Vishuddhi page.  I can't find the picture of Radha though.

Page 21

Page 22
The Agnya pages.  There is one more missing which is Mahavira.  I got the picture ready but yet to stick it onto the cardboard and ice cream stick. 

Page 24

Page 25
The left and right channel pages.  

There are still some extra pages behind.  I am still thinking what to do with it.  The thing about making this busy book is there are a lot of thought and thinking and planning put into it and needed lots of different type of material.  Like I didn't want all the pages to be velcro only.  So I bought some magnets.  The book now itself is very bulky.

I felt very accomplished with this.  Miss A's personalised Sahaj busy book.  Actually I have many more ideas but can't convert it into busy book.  If anyone here can help to give some idea, please do so.

- Kundalini : Use a string to make it 3 1/2 coil.  Make holes for threading.
- Swastika : A cut-out puzzle, almost like AUM but instead of puzzle piece, just cut into equal squares and match accordingly.  The thing is I don't feel comfortable cutting up swastika into 4 piece.
- Void : Matching of the 10 gurus, perhaps?  Or a memory game using the 10 gurus?

Anymore ideas?