"If there is one child, it can entertain at least hundred people. What is so sweet about the child? Is the innocence: the way he speaks, the way he talks, the way he behaves, the way he expresses his love. It’s so simple but it has something in the essence, this innocence of Shri Ganesha." - Excerpt from Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella, 10 Sep 1995

Yesterday was a very hot day.  After helping out at the new seekers class, I was feeling very tired and lethargic.  Came home and did a nice, long footsoak and decided to give myself a nice head rub with lots of coconut oil.  It's one of those rare occasions when I get such a nice "Me" time and took the chance while Miss A was still napping.  Body cooled down so much and was feeling much better.

When Miss A woke up, I decided that she needs a nice oil bath and head rub too since she was feeling hot and bothered.  We usually take turns to massage her before bed, but lately we haven't got much time to do it.  After dinner, gave her a nice oil massage, from head to toe.  And then gave her a nice warm shower and purposely didn't wash off the excess oil.  Powdered her up and she was ready for the night.

Then made her footsoak while watching a kids guided meditation video from Mother's Love while I cleared her.  During meditation, she touched my face and pulled me towards her and gave me a kiss.  All of a sudden. Her vibrations were better after footsoaking and now we were both ready for bed.

On a working day, my bedtime is usually around 11pm-12am.  Miss A would wait for me to finish my things before going to bed with me.  It is not an ideal bedtime for her and I should try to finish up earlier.  

But yesterday, it was a Sunday, I was feeling very tired and decided to finished things earlier and went to bed by 10 - 10.30pm.  Before bed, I gave her a bottle of chilled fresh milk.  Usually I warmed it up for her, but I just want to try out chilled milk and see if she is ok with it.  

I laid down beside her and gave her the bottle.  She pulled up the blanket to cover both of us and drank her milk.  She insisted that she must use my arm as her pillow while she laid down and drank her milk and she sang the song, "Good Night, Sweet Dreams" with the milk bottle in her mouth.  

I can see that after the nice oil massage, Miss A calmed down considerably.  Although she is not one of those toddlers with amazing tantrums, I could sense that the heat of the day was making her irritated.  Was such a good idea to massage her with oil before bath.  Perhaps I should do this on a weekly basis.

Felt a stronger bond with her too.  Enjoyed her innocence very much and hope she can keep this innocence with her forever.