I am a proud mama

One evening, after my shower and washing my hair, I went to the guest room downstairs to blow dry my hair.  This room has a vanity table and makeup and hair products that my mother uses and also have a wardrobe full of children's clothes for my nephew and my girl.  The kids use this downstairs bathroom.

My nephew just had his bath and his dirty clothes were left on the floor, outside the bathroom.

My little girl came running into the guest room when she saw me walking into it.  I told her I am blowing my hair.  She was holding a soccer ball.  She dropped the ball and it went into the bathroom.  I told her to pick it up.  

There, after picking up the ball, she saw the dirty clothes on the floor.  Without anyone telling her what to do, she picked it up and went all the way out of the room, into the dry kitchen, then wet kitchen and then the yard where the washing machine is.  There is a short cut, which is through the bathroom but she took the only way she knew.  She dropped the clothes right in front of the washing machine.

I saw this proud moment and my heart fluttered.  I swooned.  My little girl is so independent now.  My 20 month old girl.  I am a proud mama!