How to tell what is natural material?

Before Sahaj, I was not able to tell what material is natural and what is not.  I used to wear clothes that are polyester and doesn't feel a thing.

After Sahaj, the artificial material have an effect on my skin.  If I wear polyester material, I tend to sweat more and it makes my skin itch.  

There are few types of natural cloth material.  They are cotton, wool, silk, leather, fur, bamboo, hemp and jute.  I don't propagate wearing fur or leather as they killed animals for that.  Let's just talk about the natural sources from trees and fibers. 

Then industrialization came and many people opted for synthetic material, saying it's easier, no need to iron, airy, easy to dry, etc.  Example like polyester, nylon and spandex.  

True enough, cotton materials get crumple after each wash and you need to iron.  And because it's ability to absorb sweat, it makes one feel that it's hot compared to polyester.  But polyester stinks.  And I literally mean it.  After you sweat, though it doesn't absorb your sweat and you don't feel hot, but you or the cloth emit a kind of body odour that really stink.  Also, some cotton materials colour runs after each wash and you need to wash by hand, especially those hand-dye type.  That's the only con I can think of.

One of the reason I love India is you can get many cotton materials and they are cheap.  I love chikankari suits as they are 100% cotton and although it started out hard because they starch it but after numerous wash, the cotton is soft and it's very comfortable.

Many punjabi suits are made of 100% cotton.  But those not chikankari type are made of softer cotton material.

I also love saris made of cotton although they can make you look very bulky.  But after many washes, it's softer and feels very cooling and comfortable on the skin.

I don't know why people like to make office wear and business suits from unnatural material.  Maybe no need to iron.  It's very hard to get clothing from natural material.  Seriously, if you look hard enough, you may find some exotic store selling cotton materials which are at exorbitant price.

Now, there are some people who claimed that the materials are natural, but it turns out not.  Example like tetra cotton.  It's mixed polyester with cotton material.  Then there are some saris that claimed to be mixed silk with cotton.  But it turns out to be polyester and cotton.

So how do you tell whether a material is 100% natural or not?  I didn't start out able to tell what is what until I got my vibrationary sensation.  It's when you hold a cloth in your hands and after few seconds, you can feel cool or heat coming out from your hands.  If it is heat, then it's not 100% natural.  Likewise, if it's cool, then it's most likely 100% natural.

Now cotton business is a big business in the material world.  I don't understand why instead of getting more natural materials in Malaysia, we have to import something called organic cotton, which is a very soft cotton material that is suitable for babies.

And I always have this motto, what's good for baby, is good for you too.  

Nowadays there are so many materials that claimed to be natural but not.  I believe even the seller doesn't know what is natural and what is not.  

So feel it yourself with your hands.  But first, you must have vibrationary sensation and that happens after self-realisation upon the opening of your 7th chakra and the awakening of your Kundalini.