Meditate at 4am

Past few days, hubby and I woke up at 4am and did meditation.  It was a trial out to see whether we will be able to last for the rest of the day at work staying awake.  

Basically, we put the alarm clock at 3.45am and then get up and brush our teeth and wash our face.  Then we sit for meditation.  After doing pranam, raising kundalini and bandhan, we kept our eyes open and look at Shri Mataji's Lotus Feet.  Few minutes later, automatically our eyes will close and will bring us deep into meditation.  

The meditation is not long, just 5-10 minutes, the most.  Then we go back to sleep.  And wake up at 7am to get ready for work.

I must say the experience has been very fulfilling.  Although we woke up early, we didn't really feel sleepy throughout the day.  And the vibrations early in the morning is very good and the meditation is very deep.  In fact, we were able to sustain the thoughtless awareness much longer.

What I like about this schedule is that I don't have to rush the meditation and then to work.  At least I felt I have fulfilled my morning meditation before I leave home.

Today, both of us decided to take a break and wake up later for meditation.  The effects were not  as good.  In fact, I don't feel as calm.  Also, I must say I still feel sleepy despite sleeping more.

Looks like we have to continue waking up at 4am continuously and keep it a routine so that our bodies can get use to it.  The feeling is different and overall we felt better.