Dream of travelling again

I was re-reading all my travel posts and love every one of it.  Whether local or overseas travel, it's always good to be on holiday, not stuck in office, doing the routine work but instead enjoy going to places, eating, etc.  I would love to travel to India again with hubby this time.  We haven't gone as a couple yet.  

Here are some of the travel posts:

In between I went to more places but didn't write in detail about the places I went or the itinerary.  The above are more detailed.  Like we went to Langkawi for our honeymoon in 2011.  And in the same year, we went to Cabella and visited the Matterhorn.  And in 2012, we went to Shenzhen, which I wrote something but not in detail.  And the most recent one was a trip to Tangkak, Johor and stayed at Gunung Ledang Resort and had some fun at the waterfall.  Don't know why I didn't write anything more about it.  

Looks like I made is a point to travel every single year, whether near or far.  It's good to relax once in a while, especially away from work and stress.

I wish to travel again.  This time, I really want to go to India, Nirmal Dham in New Delhi, visit the Sahaja Yoga Health Centre in Noida and probably go to Ganga.  

But looks like I won't be travelling anytime soon.  Not in another few years time.  Oh well.  But the moment I am able to travel, India will be first on my list.