What have we become?

Disclaimer: What I am going to write is entirely my personal opinion.  Comment function has been disabled as I do not want an active discussion about what I am about to write.  You can read and agree or disagree.  If you don't like what I wrote, feel free to leave.  But if you insist on reading and then have a reaction to it, then please go and clear yourself and balance and most important of all, forgive me for writing and forgive yourself for reading.  Don't catch on your agnya just because you reacted to what I wrote.

Sorry for the harsh opening.  It's not like I am going bash anyone.  In fact, I am not even angry.  I am just sharing my opinion on recent happenings that I see and witness and happenings that I reacted and failed to stop myself from reacting.

1. The truth is out there
Recently, on Facebook, there was a bandhan requested for all yuvas and realised-born children who have lost their way and path in this Kali Yuga and for them to find their way back to the truth.  While the bandhan was going on, there was also an active discussion on whether we are doing enough for our yuvas. 

Too bad, the adults also have this problem.  Some become Mahayogis and think they know everything from A to Z.  That also deviate from the path of truth.

2. Giving SR
Giving SR is an activity very much respected and high lauded by yogis.  It's a Divine work and Shri Mataji had mentioned in so many talks that we must go all out to give self-realisation.  Then came the issue of ego.  

Here we are giving SR to newcomers and introducing them to Sahaja Yoga, and then there we are chasing yogis away by judging them and giving them a bad name.  We should be ashamed of ourselves because we are giving Sahaja Yoga a very bad name.

3. Ego
When ego comes into play, all hell break loose.  Do we need to say more?  Shri Mataji been telling us to surrender our ego.  Instead, we are making a fool out of ourselves.  Here are some of Shri Mataji's talk on ego.

4. Blaming others
When things happened, stop blaming others.  Instead look into ourselves and see why it happened. When someone is sick, it's not because they are not doing Sahaja Yoga properly.  When someone is down on their luck, it's not because they are not meditating properly.  Stop this blaming others problem. 

"Once you become a Sahaja yogi, the concern for your benevolence is all the time there. Whether you are punished or not is a different point. Some people might get a job. Some people will not get a job. With some people it will work out this way, with some people it will not work out that way. Then one may say that “How is it this Paramachaitanya is behaving like this?” It’s all for your correction. It’s a big churning; whatever works out for your correction and is for your benevolence. If you understand this point, then you’ll never be disappointed in your life.  And it has no concern of its own benevolence, because it is complete benevolence itself. It never thinks how it is going to be benevolent or helpful, because it has no botheration about it." Extract from Shri Paramchaitanya Puja 1989.

Now, don't start blaming Paramchaitanya, ok?

5. Are we absorbing Shri Mataji's message?
Hello?  Are you listening?  It's like the message goes in one ear and out the other.  Some are even better.  Interpreting Shri Mataji's message to their own definition.  

6. Unruly behaviour
This is new to me.  That yogis behaved worst than non-yogis.  Maybe some of us are not cut to be Sahaja Yogis, but just stayed in Sahaja Yoga because of the nice vibrations?  I don't know.  But sometimes I feel unruly behaviour should be eliminated.  Treat others nicely.  Not shout at them. Stop suspecting everyone or think everyone is doing something wrong.  Start looking at ourselves and see if we are doing anything right.  No need to yell.  No need to be in anger all the time.  No need to treat everyone as if they are your enemies.  There is no need to discuss anything.  Stop judging.

7. Where's the love?
So much of hatred.  So much of negative attention.  Where's the love, peeps?  Shri Mataji loved us so much and yet we can't love one another.  

8. Anger
Do you still have it?  If you still do, like me, then it's time to shoebeat this problem.  Because from my own witness, when the anger gets out of control, then we failed to react rationally.  And then the problem becomes worse.  Words get thrown out.  Hurtful words which cannot be reversed.  

9. Shri Mataji's ashram
It's a place for all yogis.  Not just you and me.  And not those who found the place.  And not those who are living in the place.  It's for everyone.  So, don't start claiming your rights on it.  Again ego play.  

10. Meditate, meditate, meditate
In these difficult and challenging times, do listen more to Shri Mataji's talk or read the articles in Amruta.  If yogis are fighting with yogis, then I guess we are not cut to enter the Kingdom of God.  So, if anyone is angry towards you, be a witness.  God knows.  Karma knows.  If you think you did something wrong, then change.  Meditate and be balance.  The most important thing to do now is to be connected with the Divine power that created us.  And that's the most fundamental thing that we always forget.  It's only through meditation that we get the answers and vibrations.  Whether it's true or not, it will be shown.  

Thank God for vibrations!