Believe that you are connected

When we got married, we were told that our kundalinis were tied together, for 7 lifetimes.  In fact, I actually felt our kundalinis got tied together.  There was a rush of vibrations, coming from my kundalini and encircling my body, covering all the chakras from Mooladhara to Sahasrara.  This was when he tied the mangalsutra on me.

After marriage, there were hints that our kundalini were tied.  But since it can't be seen with our naked eyes, I often forgot about this.

One time, right after our Sahaj wedding in Cabella, we were back at his house in Foshan.  As the house was still being renovated for our China wedding, tools were all over the place, wall half painted, paints were everywhere and everywhere was covered with dust.  His room, where the altar was kept can't be use as it is all covered with plastic for the paint job.  And the best part was there was no electricity as some of the lights were not fixed yet.

It was about midnight when we arrived at his house.  We had just came back from Cabella and wanted to find a place to meditate and footsoak.  The house was not ready for accommodation and we were staying at a nearby hotel.  Since it was a hassle to bring the whole altar and all the footsoak buckets to the hotel as we were really tired having flew from Malpensa to Beijing, from Beijing to Hong Kong and finally a bus from Hong Kong to Guangzhou.  

Together we decided to put Shri Mataji's photo on the kitchen stove and just meditate and footsoak there.  The place that we chose were actually not ideal but it's the only place that renovations has been completed.  The photo was facing the bathroom and toilet.  The kitchen is very small but we managed in the dark, with just the candle to brighten the place.

You won't believe the amazing vibrations that emitted.  We pulled our ears for the unfavourable environment, but Divine knows better.  When both of us puts our hearts together, vibrations flow and things worked out.

After 3 years of marriage, we started to take things for granted.  Since we were seeing each other everyday and night, we just do our own things most of the time, including meditation.  Sure we meditated together, but he does his own clearing and meditation while I do mine.

But recently, I felt the strong connection between us.  It's simply an amazing story that needs to be shared.

Driving Test Maya
Hubby has motorcycle license but not car.  After marriage, he decided to get a car driving license for our convenience.  There were so many tests that he needed to sit and after each test, he has to wait for a month before he can sit for the next.  He was given 3 years time to complete the whole thing.

Time passes and it was time for him to migrate to Malaysia.  He was left with 2 more tests to go, i.e on-the-road test and written test.  He needs to pass the on-the-road test before sitting for the written test.  However, there was always a maya.  He went back twice to China and failed both times.

After the last time, we were determined to just forget about the whole thing.  But he changed his mind and decided not to give up.

So, off he went this January with a one-way ticket.  January was the due date for the whole driving test.  If he fails this time, he has to start from scratch, which will be a hassle.

The on-the-road test was different from the one here in Malaysia, especially the practice time.  In Malaysia, a person must complete at least 16 hours of practical lessons before he can sit for the test.  In China, a person only need to go for 2-3 hours of lesson before the test.  And the lesson is either on the day of the test or before.  If you want extra lessons, get it from a private instructor.

So obviously, the stress was there.  Hubby never got the chance to drive in China or Malaysia to practise.  It's quite impossible to pass the test with just 2-3 hours of lessons.

Anyhow, this time was his last chance.  We decided to do all our Sahaj homework and then surrender the results to the Divine.  This time we footsoaked together, meditated together, recited mantra together, and prayed together.  Yes, I have to admit, it was different from the other times that he went back to China.

On the day of the test, I could feel his nervousness.  Started having gastric pain and heartburn, which was unusual for me.  I knew deep inside, that that was his emotions.

So this time, I did something out of the ordinary.  I stopped work and prayed to Shri Mataji.  I have a small photo of Shri Mataji on my desk.  I did the normal raising kundalini and bandhan with my attention (so that colleagues don't feel strange) and meditated.  I cleared my nabhi which was acting up and void too.  'Shri Mataji, please give him strength and courage to pass his test.'  'Shri Mataji, please let him be his own guru.'  Shri Mataji, please remove all the obstacles that is preventing him from passing the test.'

And then my nabhi calmed down and I was in deep meditation.  I could not close my eyes as I was still at my workplace but I could feel a sense of peace and comfort and vibrations.  'Shri Mataji, please send these beautiful vibrations to hubby.'  'Shri Mataij, please calm him and remove his nervousness.'

And voila, he passed!

I have forgotten that we were connected eventhough we were miles apart.  By doing this prayer, our kundalini spontaneously re-connected again and he told me he felt calmer this time.  I told him I could feel him.

And then the same thing happened for his written test and 100% passes.

Many times, there is this connection but I have often forgotten about it.  When he is down and unhappy, I could sense something is wrong even if he doesn't want to tell me.  When I became too right-sided, he immediately became too left-sided and it's a sign for us to clear.  When he can't sleep at night, I too can't sleep at night.  I could sense the stress and trouble.

I am not sure if he could sense the same from me.  I guess only the shakti has this power to share with the hubby, the power to give strength to the hubby and the power to understand and give him compassion.

Happy V day to you!