Miracle, miracle, miracle

Just few days ago, I was looking back to year 2014.  I wanted to see how the year has been.  Honestly, it wasn't that great.

Just as if things were already at the worst when I sprained my ankle and this time it never seem to heal no matter how long and what I did, then I got the most terrible flu for the year.  

But today, it seems that my luck came back.  Forget about the flu for a second.  

Miracle No.1
We have to go to LHDN to do some stamping for his visa and work application.  Initially I took half day off to do this.  But because of the flu, I got MC instead.  So, early in the morning, we went to LHDN and got a nice parking in the basement.  Then when we took the number, a lady came to exchange her number with us because she wasn't prepare with her documents.  We went first and got things done within 10 minutes.  Went to the parking machine and found we don't have to pay a single cent because we were very quick.

Miracle No.2
Since our luck were on our side, we decided to give it a try at the immigration.  Initially, I took a day off on coming Thursday to do it.  But I was worried that my leave were finishing and I won't be able to take leave for our family trip in January.  So we went and got the number despite reaching at 11am.  Seems like they have change to system again and now allowed to take number even after lunch.

After we submitted the documents, we waited and waited and waited.

At 4pm, we were finally called.  The officer informed us that we need to come back in 7 days to get the work endorsement because it's a new application, despite working in the same company.  We were like dreading another long wait on another day, but what to do.  Then the officer saw our call number and the time was 11am and asked how come she got the document so late.  Then she quickly went to get her boss to issue a letter for me to come and collect the work endorsement in 7 working days.

Imagine our surprise, when the officer came back and her boss was compassionate enough to give us the work endorsement there and then.  I think it was because we waited for 5 hours.  

Miracle No.3
And finally, my terrible flu is 90% recovered.  You see, it started very strangely and suddenly on Friday evening.  I began sneezing like 50 times before bed.  Then on Saturday, slight trigger will make me sneeze more.  I could not move much because every action will trigger one sneeze.  I think it was more than a million sneezes.  By that time, nose was runny, phlegm was lots and body overheated.  I couldn't sleep well that night as I started to have mild fever, on and off.

Come Sunday, it became a full-blown flu, with yellowish phlegm and sore throat and runny nose and I felt very sick.  Since we can't get good GP on Sundays, decided to get traditional chinese medicine.  He gave me something to cool my body.

And I took like 5 doses and now I am almost recovered.  The medicine made me puked all the phlegm and loosen the mucous.  I slept like a baby last night as I could breath.  

So I guess the flu is a blessing in disguise.  Now I got 2 days leave back and hubby got his work endorsement done for the year.  

OK, I am going to start the day everyday with a positive thought.  And not indulge into negative thoughts.  And hopefully things will start looking better.