Today we are going to talk about discretion.  

What is discretion?

Discretion means that you must choose the things which are good for you. which are benevolent to you, which are good for the collective, which are good for your ascent. On the contrary, the people who have no discretion fall into the traps of wrong type of people. Like say, Freud. I mean, to an Indian, Freud, nobody can believe that you can go to such a nonsensical idea. But people accepted Freud more than they could accept Christ because the discretion was completely missing. If they had that traditional discretion in them they would have been saved. It is that traditional discretion is the thing that comes through Ida nadi. (Hamsa Swamini Puja, 1988)

OK, forget about that for now.  You see, sometimes, somethings happened in the social media which prompt me to research for a further understanding.  And during the research process, I would find a very beautiful talk of Shri Mataji on that issue.  And the answer will be there.  

For the past few weeks, I have seen Sahaja Yogis posting on Whatsapp group and Facebook group indiscriminately about any issues, be it Sahaj or non-Sahaj.  

For example of a non-Sahaj post that I saw a Sahaja Yogi posted.  It was a video showing a rat eating food in a refrigerated counter display meant for sale to the public.  I have seen this video earlier on Facebook and it was taken by a passenger at Mumbai airport.  However, this Sahaja Yogi posted that this incident happened right here in Malaysia.

While I have a problem of always feeling righteous, this is something I cannot tolerate.  Immediately I corrected her and she said she didn't know as it was posted by a friend.


We are Sahaja Yogis.  We are here to spread the truth.  Even though there is nothing spiritual here, isn't it important to understand that in all actions, we have to be truthful?  So if you are unsure of the source, why don't investigate instead of just posting it straight away and spreading untruths and lies?

It's so easy to spread untruths and lies especially on social media.  Many people would just jumped on it without even investigating or researching.  And these untruths and lies spread fast and far.

Then few months back, I saw a photo where Shri Mataji's photos are shown like an exhibition in a museum.  Straight away, Sahaja Yogis were so pleased and asked where was this, how great this was to showcase our beloved Mother, etc.  When I saw the photo, immediately I knew it was photoshopped.  I don't know how, but let's just call it my intuition.  Immediately I told the Sahaja Yogi to stop sharing this photo as this was a photoshopped photo of Shri Mataji and that event never happened.

To confirm that it was a photoshopped photo, I looked at the various photos carefully and found that the same Shri Mataji's photo appeared more than once in the same exhibition.  Who in the world would do that for any exhibition?  

This is truly a disrespect to Shri Mataji's photo.

Few days back, on Facebook, a Sahaja Yogi posted a photo that makes Shri Mataji's transparent image superimposed in a house.  As if She has appeared miraculously when the photo was taken.  Again, another photoshopped and many other yogis confirmed that.

I get very disturbed when this happened.  Why?  Shri Mataji's photo is meant to be respected.  Not for anyone to use it to get more audience.  Like some miracle photos are photoshopped.  

And a lot of people doesn't realise, now with digital cameras, if you don't use flash and you take a photo where there are a lot of lights, especially at night, sometimes the lights will appear like miracle photo.  It's not a miracle.  It's just a camera effect.

Back in the 80s when these kind of photos appeared, then it's definitely a miracle photo because back then there was no digital camera.  It was film.

Another one is like spots appearing in a photo.  That's dust, not vibrations.  Clean your camera lens and take again.

But now, so many of these photos are there and people said it's miracle.  

And no point checking vibrations on whether it's miracle or not, because if Shri Mataji's image is in it, the vibrations will definitely be cool.

Same thing with the photoshopped photos.  Some yogis decided to check vibrations to confirm the authenticity of it, and they said it was cool.  Of course, Shri Mataji is right there in the picture.

OK, I have said what I wanted to say.  Please just share real photos of Shri Mataji and very importantly, please use your discretion.

And to understand further about discretion, please read 'Shri Hamsa Swamini Puja, 1988 in Germany'.  Superb talk.