The sequence is the same, but the consequences are different.

Another self-thought-introspection-post.

Have you ever wondered, how come things happened the way it is?  Have you ever have a day where you feel it's truly not your day?  A day where everything goes wrong?

What if the day didn't go wrong but was right all the way?

Because we really do not know what's install for us for the day.  Sometimes it's a bad thing that happened, say an accident.  But that could be a bhoot or badha or something is wrong with us that day.  Sometimes it's like you lost your way and then found you are actually not lost, but just circling to vibrate the place, maybe?  Or for you to learn a new road?

Here's my experience.  I was feeling rather upset that things were going downhill.  Nothing seems to be improving and it's just one bad luck after another.

So, we took a break and stayed at a yogi's place for over a week.  During the break, we broke (pun intended) some things.  After the break, things still didn't get better.  Yes, we prayed, we meditated, we cleared and we did all that.  But things did not happened the way we wanted it to happen.

But when the yogi came back, he was appreciating us staying there, to help clean Shri Mataji's photo and kept fresh flowers for the altar.  He was feeling rather bad that he was away for over a week and no one to clean Shri Mataji's photo and coincidentally that incident happened to us and we decided to take a break and get out of there.

I feel like everyday as we wake up, the day has already been planned for us.  Yes, I do complained a lot about what's given to me.  But now I came to realised, it's probably is for my ascent, however the journey may be,

Along the way, we may not see the lessons.  But further along the way, we may see it.  

So, as we go along, let's appreciate all the tiny things around us.  Stop for a second to admire them.  Stop complaining about everything in life, about people, about circumstances.  Make full use of our time being in the present and enjoy what life has thrown to us.  

A story was told to me many years ago.  Before a yogini was in Sahaj, when she was a child, her parents brought her to see a fortune teller who told her to stay away from water as she will have fatal water accident.  Sure enough, when she was 6, she almost drowned but was saved by her father.

Then she grew up and came into Sahaj.  One day, her car was flooded but she managed to get out in time before the car was filled with water.  She felt so blessed that she was saved the second time.  She told us this story during sharing of experiences.  

Maybe in our past life, our karmas are still not cleared.  Maybe we have to repay it this lifetime.  We don't really know what's God has got for us.  We don't know the full story.

But we know this, as told by Babamama, "After Sahaja Yoga, the sequence is the same, but the consequences is different."  Learn to embrace every heartbreak, every fear, every incident with an open heart.