Memories of Sahaj weddings and marriages

Yesterday we attended the wedding reception of a Sahaj married couple.  Husband Malaysian, wife Russian.  During the reception, Sahaj marriage and the wedding procedure was introduced to yogis and non-yogis.  

An Sahaj aunty who was beside me told me that she was personally there in Shri Mataji's house in Genoa when the checking vibrations for the matches were in progress.  She saw how the marriage committee filtered the forms according to age, height and occupation or interest.  Then after the match has been found, the forms were checked for vibrations by the committee.  Only 100% cool vibrations matches will be sent to Shri Mataji for Her approval.  I said, "Wow, that's amazing."  She said, "Yeah, that was in 2010 when Shri Mataji was physically there in Cabella."  2010 was the year we got matched and so I felt so blessed hearing this.

Back in 2010, one day during the World Festivals Program, a yogi sister came to me and shared her experience with me.  She was visiting Shri Mataji's house in Genoa with some yogis when one of the members of the marriage committee invited them to help check vibrations for the Sahaj matches.

She said, first everyone were given vibrated water to put on the Sahasrara to ensure individually the Sahasrara is clear.  Then only they proceeded to check the forms.  Only 100% cool vibes form can proceed to the next level.  Even if there was a slight catch, although cool, the match will be rejected.

So, when you put 1+1 together, I felt so grateful and blessed.  That was the year we got matched.

At the wedding reception yesterday, the newlywed couple shared their experience when the mangal sutra was tied.  The groom said the whole world disappeared and there was only he and his wife present.

All these while, I have thought when my husband tied the mangalsutra on me and I felt the surge of vibrations and rising of the Kundalini, spiraling my subtle system, I thought I was the only one.  Even when I shared this with him, he just kept quiet.  That's him, quiet and reserve and patient.

Lately he told me, when he tied the mangalsutra on me, he felt the exact same thing.  He felt something more, that our kundalinis were tied together.

A talk with a Sahaj brother recently found that the husband and wife ascent is now together.  This journey is together, no longer an individual one.  And I had always thought it's an individual one, but just helping one another.  Nope, it's together.

Sahaj works in a special way.  Whether individually or couply or collectively.  We just need to surrender and go with the flow.