A sari incident with Shri Mataji

I don't have a lot of memories in the presence of Shri Mataji.  I didn't have much chance to present many things for Her.  I have always heard lots of beautiful experience that happened in Her presence.  Some miracles, some amazing experiences.  So I have only this one experience that happened in 2006 Los Angeles before Shri Ganesha Puja which is forever etched in my mind.

I was picked to offer the Lakshmi basket to Shri Mataji before puja.  In actual fact, I wasn't supposed to be the one.  But the person who was selected earlier had to do aarti for Shri Mataji and so I got the chance to take her place.

I remembered very clearly, all the ladies offering Lakshmi basket to wait on the top floor of the Sheraton or Renaissance Hotel.  While waiting, I helped a lady from Hong Kong to adjust her sari.  Many of the ladies were still fussing over the Lakhsmi basket to perfect the decoration and arrangement.  

Me and another sister did the Lakshmi basket earlier that day.  Both of us were not really good designers or decorators but did our best to arrange the basket.  First we lined the basket with batik cloth.  Then we arranged the lakshmi's offerings into the basket.

When I saw the other baskets that the other countries offered, ours pale in comparison.  Really.  I was a little disappointed looking at our simple basket.  But what to do, we did our best and there's nothing I can do now while carrying the basket and waiting for Shri Mataji's arrival.  

Then we were told to get ready for Her arrival.  One lady came and told me to put my sari over my head.  I had some trouble with that as I had made the pallu too short.  So on one hand I have to carry the basket, which was a little heavy and the other hand have to hold the pallu over my head.

Then Shri Mataji was wheeled in and all the ladies did a namaskar to Her.  The hotel corridor was very narrow and we only able to stand on one side.  We were just within inches from our beautiful Mother.

When they have settled Shri Mataji comfortably, one by one the ladies from the hosting countries were invited to go in front of Shri Mataji to offer the basket.  While waiting in line, I was fussing about my sari.  Because the pallu was not long and I tried my best to put it over my head and at the same time I was worried that my sari will come out as I felt I didn't tie it properly.  Also, I was worried that I might trip and fall in front of Shri Mataji.  

Right before my turn while the lady in front of me did pranam and offered the basket, I was just within inches from Shri Mataji.  Shri Mataji looked at me, from top to toe.  I didn't dare to look into Her eyes.  Then it was my turn.

I put the basket down and did a pranam while holding the pallu over my head.  Then the most embarrassing thing happened.  I heard a loud 'crack' as if my sari was torn.  It was so loud in that pin drop silent moment that I thought the sound was deafening.  I quickly offered the basket and did my second pranam and left the room.

While waiting for the lift to go down to the ballroom, I felt totally embarrassed to my skin.  I could feel my flush face and heart beating fast.  After sometime, I wanted to laugh out loud as I felt the whole moment was so funny.  But at the same time, I was worried that my beautiful silk sari was torn and might fall off during puja.

While walking into the ballroom, the sea of Sahaja Yogis were already sitting in silence and meditating.  I found the other Malaysian Sahaja Yogis and sat with them while in my heart I felt the funniest joke just happened.  I told some of the yogis about it.  I felt light hearted and funny and ready to laugh anytime at that incident.

During the puja, I have completely forgotten about the torn sari incident and enjoyed the puja immensely.  

When everything was over and we returned to our hotel room, the first thing I did was to take out the sari and examined it.  To my surprise, there was not a single tear.  Even at those places where the safety pin was placed.  

Then I realised that Shri Mataji played a trick on me.  It was probably a trick to make me laugh and not be so serious.  And not to put attention on all these minor little things.  And to laugh at my own ego.  When She looked at me from top to bottom, She saw all my chakras.  I tried my best to please Her by fussing over little little things instead of being in thoughtless.  But Shri Mataji is ever so compassionate and forgiving that She gave me a deep message.

Don't fuss over the little things in life but be in thoughtless awareness instead.