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Review: Birthday at Gold Coast Morib Water Theme Park Resort

This year, I had a quiet birthday, just me and hubby.  Since this year's birthday is also Hari Raya or Eid Mubarak, we get 2 days public holiday.  Altogether it's a 4-day weekend so we thought why not go somewhere, just the 2 of us.
Found that Gold Coast Morib Water Theme Park Resort actually offers a Birthday promotion.  For RM268 (inclusive of taxes), you will get 1 night stay at the Studio Suite which comes with a jacuzzi, 2 dinner vouchers, 2 breakfast vouchers, 2 entrance tickets to the Water Theme Park, a birthday cake, a gift and a certificate of participation.  Since we were both on an adventurous mood but not willing to travel too far (because I am too lazy to drive) and it's my birthday after all, we immediately took up this offer and booked online.
Then read the reviews online and found there were more negatives compare to positives.  Initially I was regretting this choice, then thought since I have already paid, just let it be.
The journey from PJ to Morib is …

Anger Management

Q.: When we get angry, is our anger just our tendency to react like that? SHRI MATAJI: You see, if you get angry within yourself, and if you are sure that you are not doing anything wrong, for a Sahaja Yogi there is no need to say “outside you are angry.” There’s no need.  That anger itself is a power. And you should do your bandhan and anything that you want to do. But you should not show that you’re angry. You should be absolutely silent, because you can be, you are in the axis; you are not on the periphery. Actually the anger is just to see your anger, and use that anger for that purpose.  And once you start doing that, thatanger will itself work out. That anger will itself work out the person. And you’ll be amazed, how it … But you must learn to see your anger that is working. All these things are important. You have seen that sometimes only shouting at the bhoots they go away, and many mad people have been cured like that. But you don’t do all that, that’s for Me. You must be alwa…

Pandan Butter Milk Pau

I have so much of leftover pau flour after the previous experimentation on making paus.  So, decided to venture on a weekend project to make pandan flavoured pau.  After much thought on the pau fillings, decided to make butter milk filling instead.  And you know what, coconut oil goes very well with pandan flavour and smell and extremely delicious with butter milk filling.  No, not kidding.
I got the pau skin recipe from here, Cooking Pleasure by Kimmy.  And I got the fillings recipe from here, Shoonyin Home Cooking.  
I replaced shortening with coconut oil instead and the taste went really well with the pandan smell and taste.   I wanted to try out healthy cooking instead, since shortening is not that great.  The only mistake I made was I've forgotten that I used salted butter, so the pau skin already got salt and with the salted butter in the fillings, in the end the whole pau was quite salty.

My husband did most of the hard work, i.e kneading and rolling.  All I did was measur…

Easy Lassi

Hot weather like this, what's better than a nice glass or in my case, cup of lassi?  Lassi is a thick yogurt drink.  There's sweet lassi, salted lassi, mango lassi and other fruit lassi. 
It was only when I was in India that I had the best lassi ever.  Plain sweet lassi.

Here's a very simple method to make delicious lassi:
2 cups thick plain yogurt (I used homemade) 1/2 cup of milk Honey for sweetness.
Just whisk everything together and voila!  Perfect to cool our body down in this extreme hot weather.

How to make yogurt with EasiYo Yogurt Maker with and without the sachets

Disclaimer:  This is not an advertisement.

First Attempt After months of not looking paying attention to what I have been putting into my stomach, GERD came back few weeks ago.  Thank God it wasn't that bad.  Just 1 puking session and that's it.
Since then, I have been very careful at the food I am putting into my mouth, looking out for trigger food and what's good for GERD.
Found that actually yogurt is very good for GERD.  So, long story short, I invested in EasiYo Yogurt Maker.
Actually, before that, I was thinking of ways to make my own yogurt.  I did it before and it was successful.  But after reading reviews on EasiYo Yogurt Maker and so many said it's good and easy and the yogurt was super delicious, in the end, I was in.  RM139 with starter pack.

You can find this in selected Carings and Vitacare pharmacy.  I bought mine at Damansara Uptown.
1. First put room temperature water or cold water into the EasiYo yogurt container.  Fill it half way through only.

2. The…

Impact when not meditating properly

- Wake up at 7.45am - Get ready to work - Recite Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha while driving - Breakfast in office - Start work
The above has been my routine for the past few days.  Notice something missing?  Let's continue.
- Boss raised voice unnecessarily - Boss say stupid things and mocking rudely - Boss demanding crazy things - Complained about boss to colleagues during lunch - Subordinate pretended to be hardworking in front of boss but played games on phone during office hours - Subordinate had long lunch and always came later to work although stayed nearby - Subordinate told Boss he will continue whatever he can't finish at home - Subordinate told me that he could do ALL the work without my help - Boss insist to share the job with subordinate, saying he can't cope - Boss say to take up the big portion of the work just because I left at 6pm sharp while the hardworking subordinate left later and work from home
The above has been happening for the past few days as we…

The perfect pau skin

Finally I have perfected the pau skin.  Thanks to my aunty whose culinary skills is always one of the top in the family.  She has decided to pass on her knowledge to me after finding that I am the only one with interest in cooking and baking.  She said, good to pass on, at least after she is gone, she know that someone has learn the skills.
I made pau earlier.    The skin was very hard and tough.
I don't know what went wrong last time, but here's the perfect pau recipe.  Please bear in mind, that my aunty, being the superb chef, don't always have the actual measurement for everything.  All goes by feelings which I find a little hard because I am really terrible at estimating anything.  So here goes:
The Perfect Pau Recipe and Method
Skin 300g Pau flour (makes 12 paus) 3 tbsp sugar 1 tsp yeast A little bit of baking powder Water (don't have actual measurement) Vegetable shortening (don't have actual measurement)
Filling Kaya (should be a little bit hard, so keep in the…

How to unclog your toilet the easy way!

So, after reading all about food, here's something that will put your appetite away.  Avoid reading if you feel yucky!

So, one night, we had sewerage issue.  Our toilet was clogged.  After many times plunging and still unsuccessful, I went to Google and then I found this miraculous solution which is economical and fuss free!

First you just need to take dish wash detergent and go a few rounds in the toilet bowl.  Let it slowly drizzle into the hole.

Next, boil a kettle of hot water.  Then pour the boiling hot water down the toilet bowl.  Be careful not to do it so high or so fast, you don't want the dirty water to splash back at you or the boiling hot water to burn you.

Lastly, use the toilet plunger and plunge a few times.  Be careful of the boiling hot water.

Repeat the process a few times and flush a few times.  Voila, works like a charm!
** All photos are credited to Free Digital Photos.

Simple durian pancake

My mom bought some durians and one Sunday morning, I thought of making a little nice pancake for breakfast.  So why not try durian pancake?
I googled on the recipe and found many bloggers did the durian crepe instead.  But I didn't have enough ingredients to make it.  So I tried something else.
With the leftover coconut milk from the Pandan Ogura Cake, I thought let's give this a try.  And found the perfect recipe.

I got the recipe here.  This blogger's recipe called for 200ml thick coconut milk.  I only have 20g coconut milk leftover.  And there was no milk in the fridge.  So I just diluted with enough water to make the batter.
It's quite easy to make and fast too.

Though the pancakes were not as thin as I wanted, and not as crispy as I wanted too, but it was really delicious.

As for the durian, it was the yellow type with milky flavour and lots of flesh and small seed (don't know what it's call) and it went very well with the pancakes and filling too.

I did…

Simple Fried Mee Hoon for Beginners

When I was in Singapore one day and stayed with some friends there, one of them cooked a simply delicious mee hoon that made me had seconds and thirds.  I asked her the secret and she told me, ikan bilis and garlic blended together.  So here's the recipe.
100g ikan bilis
1 bulb garlic
Few bundles of mee hoon (soaked) (1 person = 1 bundle)
1 carrot (shredded)
Eggs (1 person = 1 egg)
Tau geh and meat and more veges (optional)
Soy sauce

1.  Blend the ikan bilis and the garlic together until they become pulpy.  Keep aside. (My blender was not very good in making it tiny, so in the end, I have to pound it using mortar and pestle).
2.  Beat eggs into bowl and add some salt for taste.
3.  Put oil in a wok and fry the eggs first.  Break them up into small pieces.  When done, put it aside.
4.  Put the ikan bilis mixture into the wok.  Depending on your taste, you can put all, or just put few spoonfuls and keep the rest in the fridge.  Fry until there's fragrance.

The mistakes I made and learned from Internet Marketing

A few months ago, I tried out Cost-Per-Action Internet Marketing.  However, due to personal reasons, I no longer do it.  If you ask me (based on my 6 months experience in Internet Marketing, 3 active, and 3 dormant), mobile CPA is the in-thing now.  Desktop CPA is a thing in the past but....some people seems to still nail it.  Still, competition is very high.
Mistakes I made and lessons learned: 1. Bid on a popular site As I was not familiar with the US market, I didn't realise that Walmart online store was so popular.  I have been to the US and went into Walmart and to me Walmart is just like our Tesco or Carrefour or Giant where not many people actually goes online and shop but preferred to go to the physical premises (until of course when Tesco started online shopping and delivering them to your doorstep).
So, my budget ran out within minutes when I wasn't looking.  
I already knew that bidding on Facebook, Google, Amazon is suicidal.  So, please do your research beforehand…

Double-skin egg/milk pudding (双皮奶)

The first time I had this, was in Foshan, China.  It was the most delicious dessert that I have ever tasted and since then, I decided to try making it.

I got the recipe here :  It is quite easy to make, but quite tedious to get it perfected.  The original pudding is made from bull's milk.  Since I can't get it here, the search for the perfect milk began.
Up to now, I still can't get the milk perfected.  But those who ate this, love it so much and asked for more. 
Ingredient: 1 Egg white per Chinese bowl 1 tbsp sugar 1 bowl of full-cream milk
Method: 1. Depending on the size of your egg, use 1 large egg to 1 bowl.  If your eggs are small, then use 2 instead. 2. Boil the milk in a pot.  WARNING: Milk get easily boil over when it reaches a certain temperature.  Either you keep stirring to avoid over boiling, or watch over it like a hawk.  The cons of stirring it is that you can't get the nice milk skin. 3. Pour the …

Baby Alphabet Soft Blocks

Baby Soft Blocks Alphabet only
I am going to visit 2 of my friends in another country soon.  They have just became a mother this year and so I was wondering what would be a nice gift for them.  
Browsed on the net and found that this baby alphabet felt blocks are not only easy to make, but also make a great educational toys for the little ones.

So I went to Daiso and got this felt paper in different colours and started cutting squares of 3" each.  Also, I bought some felt adhesive which comes with grid lines, so it make it easier to draw on it.  And my teenage memories on how to draw alphabets came back.  I had so much fun making these.

I am a little impatient person and so when I get too excited, I tend to speed things up too much and finds that when I rushed, the hand work is a bit rough.  The alphabet sizes varies as well because I don't have the patience to be consistent.

I made 6 alphabets and letters in 1 block.  Next time I will try lower case and some animals and frui…