Shri Buddha Puja

We had such a beautiful and simple puja in Malaysia.  For those of us who didn't go to Thailand for the International Shri Buddha Puja, we didn't missed the fun at all.

There were only about 80 people out of the usual 200+ people who came to the center on Saturday evening, 10 May 2014.  Due to the small amount of people, many people volunteered to help for the preparation of the puja, instead of the pre-arranged grouping.  It was very collective and joyful!

As for the puja, we all felt stress-free, no pressure, very relaxing and full of joy and vibrations.  Talking about vibrations, it was so strong and our body absorbed it so much until we could not absorb anymore.

The decorations were very simple and hassle-free.  The flower arrangements were just few but with super fragrant roses and lilies.  I wish I took photos of the puja stage, but at that time, our thoughts were to meditate more and to go deeper.

The puja talk was Shri Buddha Puja 1991 at Belgium, which was an hour's talk.  The words were so powerful and the message was so clear.

The bhajans were also the few that we sang over and over again for so many years.  As there were not many people, we only sang a few.  Ganesha Stuthi, Jago Savera, Bhaiyakayataya and Vishwavandita.  There were no fancy bhajans, whatsoever.  The best part was I felt that my windpipe was hollow and energy and voice were just coming straight from my nabhi, powered by the Sahasrara.

In the end, the message of Shri Buddha reflected throughout the puja and that is 'We have to be desireless and No Ego.'  That's what happened throughout as we didn't have any desire except to please Shri Mataji and that was what we have manage to achieve with our limited ability.

Simplicity is the best!  Thank You Shri Mataji for blessing us with such a powerful puja despite the simplicity that we put in.

'Buddham Sharanam Gacchami
Dhamam Sharanam Gacchami
Sangham Sharanam Gacchami
Shri Ma Sharanam Gacchami'