"So many jokes are there about the children – how they behave, how they talk. And they are so innocent that they will tell everything to everyone. They have no way of hiding anything, it is very difficult. I know one joke: a gentleman came to the house for dinner. So the child was looking at him very intensely. And then he says: “Mother, he doesn’t eat like a horse, as you told me!” She laughs. So everybody was shocked, because he doesn’t eat like a horse. Mother must have told him: “He eats like a horse”. So he looked at him and thought: “He doesn’t eat like a horse!”

See, they are so innocent sometimes, they say things by which you can get exposed completely. There are so many jokes about it. And if you write some books, writing the jokes of children, I tell you, people will just enjoy it. Because so innocently they say things, which are nothing but the truth. And they cannot tell lies. They are so truthful, that is the quality of innocence. They never tell lies. “You did this?” “Yes, I did.” “You didn’t do this?” “No, I didn’t do it.” They never tell lies. It is we, the grown-ups teach them how to tell lies, how to be cheating.

Then we teach also our children another bad thing, that is, “You must possess everything.” Especially in the West, it is a thing they do. They tell the child that: “This is yours, you should not give it to anyone, this is your own.” On the contrary, you should tell them: “You can do what you like.” Leave it to their innocence. You will be amazed, they will give up everything that they have. In such a beautiful manner, they will behave, that you will be amazed how they try to please everyone, and try to do something to entertain you.

All their capacity of this is so great that sometimes one wonders how these little things have developed these capacities. It is the blessings of Shri Ganesha. It is His blessings that children are so very sweet and so much entertaining, and so beautiful. Try to become like them. We have to be like them." - Excerpts from Shri Ganesha Puja 2000