Happy New Shalivahan Year and a Blessed Gudi Padwa!

Jai Shri Mataji to all Sahaja Yogis!

Today is the first day of a new Shalivahan calendar.  Happy New Year to all!  Please enjoy the video embedded.  Great message from Shri Mataji!

Today on the way to work, the traffic jam was the worst ever.  It wasn't moving and there is no alternative route to take.  I was going to react but my spirit took the better of me.  It's a New Year!  Do things which are good!  

Instead, I took out my phone, searched YouTube and found the above video and watched the entire video while still stuck in jam.  Sometimes, some things happened for a reason.  It's good to be stuck.  I got the time to watch the video, without being reprimanded for being late because the bosses understand traffic jams.

For those who are expecting liver diets recipe, sorry to say, the plan has been abandoned.  Haha!  Just eat a balance and diet and ice the liver.

Instead, I will be posting more videos from YouTube.  My husband gave me an external hard drive filled with Shri Mataji's videos and talks.  Nice to put it up and save in YouTube and can access anywhere, anytime without worrying when the hard drive going to crash.  Do look out for it!  Might be daily or weekly.