Happy Birthday Shri Mataji!

This post is two days late.  We had Shri Mataji's Birthday Puja on 21st March, the actual day.  This year, the AGM was arranged to be on the same day as well.  So, we were required to take annual leave.

I took another extra day on Thursday to sort out some personal administration stuff and went to the center with hubby to help out with the decoration team.  It was fun!

Sometimes I don't understand, how come spending time with yogis is so much more joyful compared to non-yogis.  Is it because of the vibrations?  The love?  Or what?  

No matter how tiring the work is, it's always more fun to do things for Shri Mataji.  Yes, we should please God and not other people.  Where work is concerned, no matter how much you try to please someone else, the effects are still the same.  People are not satisfied, no matter what.

We had a great puja.  The vibrations were fantastic.  The bhajans were great.  The energy level was at top most.  Everything went well.  When we came back that evening after clearing up the ashram, and meditated that night, the vibrations still lingered on.  That was how great it was.

But I do have a lot of questions in my mind.  About my life.  About how to move on.  About work.  I did say to surrender.  But in my heart, I feel I am still holding on to it.  And I know that only when I completely surrender, then Divine will take over.  But I can't seem to do it.  All I can do is to pray.  

It's not that I think I can do better than the Divine.  But somehow, maybe it's my ego.  I still can't let it go completely.  What a challenge!  

Shri Mataji, I really hope I can completely surrender all these issues to You.  Please guide us.  Thank You!