My Sahaj Story

Today is the day, where work and life is back to its normal routine.  Today is the day where everyone in the work force is back to work, full force.  School also has re-opened last Wednesday.  All this after the Chinese New Year break.

I seldom write in details, my personal matters in this blog.  How I got started?

I got my self-realisation on 8 April 1999, given by my aunty.  Then I attended the Sahaja Yoga classes for 8 months, with a friend.  All these while still going to college.  What got me attracted to Sahaja Yoga, was when my aunty told me, I will get to know everything and my fingers will tell me the truth.  At that time in life, I was very into fortune telling and crystal balls and all that.  But never actually got a fortune teller to tell my future because I can't afford one.

Towards the end of the class, we were slowly introduced to join the collective.  My parents started joining the class, like half way.  But eventually, they dropped out from the collective activities after few months of joining.  Although they have lots of respect and love for Shri Mataji, they are just not ready to be in Sahaj.

When my cousin passed away in a tragic accident back in 2000, it almost made me lost my faith in Sahaja Yoga.  I remembered asking her to join me in Sahaja Yoga and she wasn't interested.  Slowly, the collective, the yogis and Shri Mataji, held my hands and brought me back in.  I started to understand the meaning of life.  I began to see myself as a seeker, looking for truth in everything.

I wasn't interested in fortune telling so much now, but more about what is life is about.  In 2001, I was very fortunate that I was given a chance to go to Cabella.  The trip was sponsored.  It was a true blessing.  End of 2002, I got to visit Ganapatipule in India and 2003 attended Shri Mataji's 80th birthday.  In 2005, went to New York for 2 pujas and then in 2006 to LA.  In 2008 back to India.

In between those years, life was truly up and down and sometimes stagnant.  In the early years, I was working in a yogi company which was near my house.  It was very convenient.  Those years, I was able to save up a lot and traveled extensively.  Then I joined an audit firm and life as an auditor was very stress and tough.  I only attended 2 international pujas, throughout 3 years of working there.  During the years as an auditor, my life was very much focused on work.  I have to work till midnight, through weekends and at the same time, attended evening classes to complete my accountancy degree.  These were the times I feel, Sahaj life was not given priority and sometimes stagnated.  But during these times, it built a foundation in my Sahaj life.

Then after I became a qualified chartered accountant, I changed job.  Went to India in 2009 for a 3 weeks cleared out in Vashi.  Got matched in 2010, married in 2011 and in-between, in and out of China until today.
This is when I am seriously into spiritual ascent and more.  Because to keep the relationship with another yogi, it is only through meditation and clearing on a daily basis to maintain it.  Or else, if we just behave like non-yogis, the differences between us are very apparent.  That's the beauty of Sahaj marriage.

What about you?  What's your Sahaj story?  Do share in the comments.  Would be great to get to know all of your out there.