3rd Mahasamadhi

It's been 3 years since Shri Mataji left Her physical form.  How time flies!

Initially, I wanted to write something about myself and nothing about seeking.  But the past few days, something had happened that draws me closer to Her.

It's funny how sometimes in this journey, you need to learn some lessons in order to grow.  That you need to be embarrassed, in order to be humble.  That you need to be knock in the head hard, to get the ego down.  Not sure if everyone goes through this, but in my journey, yes.

Sometimes, at those bad times, I asked "Why me?"  "Why can't I get something?" "What bad things have I done to deserve this?"  "Why are things not happening the way I wanted it to be?"

As I was driving to the center for the Mahasamadhi Day prayers, I looked up into the bright, blue sky and asked, "Why do I feel entitle to all the desires and wishes that I have prayed, when You have given me everything?"

Knowing something is not right, I told myself to behave and not to react to anything at the center.

After the collective meeting, spontaneously I was roped in for some discussion for a Family Retreat.  And there, I found my answers.

"Are you connected in the first place?"  "Are you balance?"  "Are you meditating properly?"

Those are not the answers, but the answers lies within the questions.

So, we want to know how our desires get fulfilled.  We want to know how to ascent.  We want to know how to surrender.

All these can be found in our meditation, in Shri Mataji's speeches, in our connection to the Divine Power.

Dear Shri Mataji, please let us be connected to You at all times.  Please let this connection be sustained throughout.  Thank You.