My personal views on Sahaj marriage

I was asked to do a session on Sahaj marriage at the recent Yuva Shakti Camp.  I didn't realise I had so much fun doing it until after the session.  

I did a slideshow presentation on the wedding ceremony and added experiences from other couples, both Sahaj married and non-Sahaj married. 

Before the session, I prayed to Shri Mataji to please let me speak of the things She wants me to speak about.

To be honest, I don't think I am qualify to talk about Sahaj marriage, after being married for just over 2 years and started living together for 1 year only.  But when I started the slideshow, the words just came out from my mouth, and Shri Mataji was guiding me throughout.  I wasn't even feeling nervous and they all enjoyed the session, eventhough there was a lot of reading to do.

Despite the huge age difference, from 16-29 years old, I am glad all of them were interested about this and I am glad to be Shri Mataji's instrument to disseminate this information on Sahaj marriage to the yuvas.  It gives me lots of joy just doing it.  I don't mind doing it again, probably now can aim higher, at the age group of yogis and yoginis who actually want to do Sahaj marriage.

To me Sahaj marriage is a journey of self discovery.  It does help us to ascent.  In fact, we complement each other, he being the more left sided one and me the opposite.  It is not an easy journey but the blessings are abundant.

In Shri Mataji's speech at Shri Devi Puja, Sydney, 10 March 1985, She said, "Sahaja Yoga is our aim, is our dharma, is our being. That is the main thing. All the rest of the things come later. Supposing then, you find your wife or your husband are getting materialistic, better to depart. Tell them, “No, we cannot.” See, for Me this is important. Marriage was just a means to an end. But the end is different. So we can give up this means, we’ll have another means. And this is to be understood in its true color. If your marriage doesn't give you progress in your spiritual life, better to give it up. And that’s what I have been telling everyone about it, how to get over your emotional problem."

We are in Sahaja Yoga because we were seeking.  We are still seeking for spiritual ascent.  Marriage doesn't guarantee spiritual ascent but it is definitely one of the vehicles to get us there.  So, it doesn't mean that those people who are single or divorced or widowed will not be able to achieve spiritual ascent.  You can achieve it in other ways.  I am not really sure how subtly that works.

Marriage improves many areas of our lives.  It helped us to settled.  It helped us to balance.  We helped each other to balance ourselves.  We learned to love each other, embraced each other's strengths and accepted each other's weaknesses.  Marriage in many ways, make us more mature which is significant in this journey to ascent.

I married in Sahaj because I wanted a 'life partner in crime' in this continuous journey of ascent.  Because I am so into Sahaj, and not interested in others, so I believe that only a Sahaja Yogi can accommodate to that.
But I do believe that it's your personal choice, of whom you want to choose as your life partner.  It depends on what you want in life.  I wanted a soul mate, a spiritual partner and Sahaja Yogi to spend the rest of my life with.

My journey has just begun.  We just made it through our foundation year, everyday discovering more about ourselves and life.  May 2014 brings more love and peace and joy into our live.

Jai Shri Mataji!