God's creation

As Chinese New Year is around the corner, there are a lot of flower shops selling various, beautiful flower plants.

Malaysia is a humid country.  So we don't usually get flowers like tulips, sakura, narcissus or hyacinths.  But during CNY, many flower shops sell them.  After a short research thanks to Google, found that these flowers bloom well in Spring. 

As I loved tulips very much due to their vibrant colours, I hesitated in buying a pot.  I asked myself, how long will they last in Malaysia?  If these plants are meant to be here, why doesn't they grow in our land?

We have hibiscus, jasmine and other plants that grow very well under the hot sun and humid weather.  Ever wondered how come these flowers i.e tulips, hyacinths, narcissus doesn't bloom in our tropical climate?  

Recently I have started spending more time at the balcony.  Before this, the balcony is just a vacant space.  Probably go in there once a year to clean up.  

But lately, when I sit in the balcony, I feel peaceful.  I can see the action happening beneath me and yet I am not involved.  I can enjoy the sun and wind and fresh air, without having to inhale carbon monoxide.  I can shoe beat and meditate and clear myself and feel the Mother Earth right there and then.  So much so that whenever I am at home and in my room, I will open up the balcony door and feel that I am not stuck in a small place.  

So, the idea came to me that I need to decorate the balcony with beautiful and fragrant flowers with more plants, so that whenever I open the door, I can see more nature surrounding me.

Maybe I should start a herb garden soon.  I am planning to buy a rose plant and start from there.  We already have the mogra plant but it is not growing so well now.  Flowers are not that many.  My husband said he is an expert in growing vegetables, not flowers.  Shall we grow our own organic vegetables instead?  Do we have the time and energy to look after them?  Keeping in mind, the balcony is a small, cozy place. 

Looking forward to start a new project in 2014.  Maybe planting flowers is one of them.  I would love to plant a plant that gives fragrant flowers to Shri Mataji and rose and mogra are the few plants I can think of.

Any other suggestions?