The future is not ours to see...Que Sera Sera

It's been more than a month since I last wrote.  What should I write now?

How about introspection, uncertainty, priorities, happiness and all the mumbo jumbo?

Lately, lots of test to spiritual ascent, whether at work or at home.

Coming to work, I realised that there are many unhappy people around us.  I have to say, most of my colleagues are unhappy at work and the bosses themselves are not a happy soul either.  So what happens is it affects the morality of the employees and the unhappiness has become toxic.  More and more employees are demotivated.  It's as if the more you work, the more educated you are, the higher you achieve in the management, the more you lost your ability to enjoy life, the more you are unable to love and the more you can't find happiness in anything you do.

You cannot appreciate your self-realisation and sometimes can take it for granted until you see another non-realised person and you will see how fortunate you are to know the truth, how bless you are to be able to balance yourself and how your view in life is so much more different from them.

Maybe this is the test for my spiritual ascent.  To appreciate my self-realisation.

Whenever I met with difficult people at work who gave me a difficult time, I told myself, 'I forgive'.  And sure enough, I don't hold a grudges against them.  But the next day, the same people annoyed me again and again I said 'I forgive' again and again.  So, many times does this cycle have to go before I snap?  That's when I start to think.  Maybe it's more than 'I forgive'.  Maybe it's my reaction towards them.

Maybe I reacted a lot to many things and focused on the bad instead of the good.  Maybe I need to stop reacting so much.

Then uncertainty hits.  No one knows the future.  But sometimes, there are so many plans, so many worries about the future, 'what if?', what is it financially for me?  What will happen next?  Will it happen?  To be or not to be?  So many questions unanswered.  Only time will tell.

Maybe that's why we need to be in present and enjoy our present moment.  Be it at work or at home.

Then every morning there is the traffic jam.  Stuck.  And then you get to work.  Stuck with doing something you don't enjoy doing, but just doing it for the sake of earning a regular income.  Then you meet with those people who doesn't make it any better.  Complains, complains everyday.  Everyone is complaining, whether it is in-laws, colleagues, bosses, you name it.

Maybe there is more to this that we don't really know yet.  Maybe that's when we should just surrender to the Divine power.

A colleague asked me today, "How do you meditate?"  She got her self-realisation, but have no intention to continue.  She continued, "Do you have to think a lot?  Chanting?"

All I said was we just need to clear our mind and say some affirmations.  No chanting is done, only reciting some mantras to enhance the chakras.  But most important is not to think.

"Oh you mean you have to think of an affirmation?"

"Nope, no thinking at all.  Try to clear your mind."

Do I really practise what I preach?  Just yesterday, I was complaining to my husband about work.  And he kept quiet.  After some time, I pestered him to give me a solution.  And he said, "Just meditate longer in the morning.  Your problem will be solved."

It's just sometimes, we get stuck with the realities in life, money, work, unhappiness, stress, relationships, etc that we forget that 'Hey, what are you doing?  Why can't you just let the Divine do it's work?  Why are you expecting so much for people to behave a certain way?

In understanding more about this unhappiness that can't seem to be cleared off from my left heart and causing a physical pain in my heart, suddenly one day, I saw this report the World Happiness Report 2013.  The findings are pretty interesting.  It's pretty interesting in how researchers calculated Happiness in each country.
It says in page 4 and I quote, 'Mental health is the single most important determinant of individual happiness.'  In page 50, it states, 'If we want a happier world, we need a completely new deal on mental health.'

In Page 5 it states, 'Happiness is determined not by an individual's material conditions (wealth, poverty, health, illness) but by the individual's moral character.'

Page 142 and 143 states, 'Factors that affect happiness and misery, noting that income, education, health and work were all important, as were personal and economic security, the quality of people’s relationships, corruption (or rather a lack of it), and personal freedom, the rule of law and the quality of the environment.'

I guess the level of happiness in the world has gone down and so the relevant authorities has taken the step further to identify the source of it and what can be done to reverse it.

Truth of it,  happiness is a state of mind, which can be achieve through meditation and through meditation, you can have a deeper understanding of your well-being, surrender your problems and then you not only can achieve happiness, you can even achieve the ultimate joy!

Well, I was unhappy until I started listening to some ragas and bhajans and Shri Mataji's voice, and then my spirit got lifted and then I forgot what I was unhappy about.  Happiness is in our own hands.

Meditate and meditate and meditate.